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Moving to Minneapolis: Common Decorating Mistakes

Moving day is here and your local Minneapolis movers are helping you move into your new home. The excitement is in the air as you start to unpack your belongings and begin the decorating process. The best part of moving to a new home is the array of choices you have for decorating. Sometimes, that excitement can lead you to make very common decorating mistakes. Thankfully, All My Sons Moving & Storage of Minneapolis has your guide to those common mistakes and how to fix them.

One major mistake made when decorating your new home is ignoring your windows. While this may seem like a minor thing, windows add some class and pop of color to any new home. Leaving windows bare doesn't make a room feel inviting and comfortable. Besides paint, window treatments are the easiest and least expensive way to change the look of a room. Adding curtains can dramatically improve the look of your home. A good rule of thumb is to hang curtains two inches above the frame of the window. Make the most of high ceilings by hanging them all the way up to the ceiling to make the room seem bigger. For a quick and simple look, add a Roman shade to block light and add an extra element to the space.

We all love color, but sometimes we are afraid of color. This fear of color makes us stick to more neutral colors that won’t allow you to really enjoy a room. We suggest to let go of the fear and paint a wall. Try a paint color in the room to make sure you like it and that it works with the space. Live with it at various times of the day as a painted wall will appear different in the morning, afternoon and at night. If you don't like it, paint over it. Color is a great punctuation and doesn't have to be overbearing.

Knickknacks, decorations, tchotchkes, accessories, call them what you want, but we all have too many of them, and it can make even the cleanest room seem messy. Too many knickknacks is a common mistake you will want to avoid. A great solution to this problem is displaying only a few items. Rotate what you have, and if you really like something but it's been out for a while, store it for a bit. You don't have to have it all out at once and every surface should not be covered. Edit your collections so they look good as a small grouping.

Showcasing a lot of pillows may seem like a great idea but having a pillow overload may be too much. If the pillows actually hinder being able to sit on a couch or lie comfortably on a bed, then it's obviously a lot. Create a more serene look. Select a few pillows that you love to decorate your room. Instead of buying so many, spend your time, energy and money decorating a special spot just for you.

Avoid these common mistakes and your new home in Minneapolis will make for some great Pinterest home inspired photos.