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Moving to Minneapolis: Moving Records and Memberships

When facing the many woes of moving, there are a lot of aspects to your move that you can easily forget. However, they are still just as important as changing your address (you did remember to formally change your address, right?).

If you are moving to Minneapolis, local moving company All My Sons Moving & Storage has a list of some of the most commonly overlooked aspects when moving. With the guidance and advice of professional Minneapolis movers, you can rest assured that you did not forget one step when moving!

  1. Records: It is extremely important to make the rounds in your current city in order to collect all of your family’s records. If you are single, these records include health records and tax records. For those with children, these records include health, immunization and school records. Although your child’s school may tell you that they will transfer records to the new school, it is always beneficial to have an extra copy on hand. In some cases, the school may try charging a service fee for having to send school records, so make sure to clarify their fee policy. If you have a pet, be sure to pick up their records from their veterinarian.  Other important documents to obtain before you move are bank statements, account information, and investment documents. This way, you can easily switch to a new financial institution.

  2. Bills and Receipts: Minneapolis movers know that you are excited to be moving into a new home; however, if you sold your last home and had any updates installed, built, or contracted, it is important to make sure that you keep all receipts in a separate folder. This way, if the homeowners who bought your home ever need to know any information, you will have it. Also, make copies of the receipts so that you can give a copy to the new homeowners, and keep one copy for yourself. If you are moving to Minneapolis, also make sure that you give the new homeowners the warranties for any appliances you may have replaced.

  3. Memberships: Minneapolis moving companies find that when people are moving, they forget to call all of the local places they have monthly memberships at. If you have a gym membership, monthly book club membership, magazine subscriptions, etc., be sure to cancel or change the forwarding and billing address before you move to Minneapolis.

Once you have obtained all of your records, make a copy of each and organize them. Minneapolis movers suggest purchasing file folders or envelopes with fasteners. Then, buy labels and a fine-tipped marker, and label each envelope with categories for your records. You can create one that says ‘Bank Documents,’ one that says ‘School Records,’ ‘Pet Records,’ ‘House Receipts and Paperwork,’ and ‘Memberships.’

Having completed the above, you can then purchase a file box to place all of your organized and sealed files in. This is perfect for moving in your car! It is important that you do not let your moving company move your documents. Although professional Minneapolis movers like All My Sons, can be trusted to move your documents, it is always suggested that you keep them in your care.