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How to Hire the Best Movers

When you are moving, there is nothing that you want more than to hire the best movers. Unfortunately, hiring a good mover can be difficult because there are an overwhelming number of them to choose from, all with different incentives and discounts. All My Sons of Minneapolis understands that this can be a tedious task, which is why your professional movers have put together tips on how to find the best moving company for you!

1.       To Hire or Not to Hire?

Anyone who has ever moved or is currently moving, asks themselves whether or not they should hire a mover or do it themselves. Deciding whether or not you will need to hire a mover, will depend on your personal capabilities, the amount of time you have, the difficulty level of your move, and the complexity of your move. Your Minneapolis movers advise that you weigh all of your options and choose what is right for you.

2.       Research Movers, and Research Again

Today, with so much information readily available on the internet, it can be detrimental not to use it to your advantage. When hiring a company you must utilize all of the information that is provided to you online.  Research several companies in your area, compare and contrast reviews, websites, pricing, and availability. Research will help to narrow down your choices and come out with the best moving company for you.

3.       Ask a Million Questions

If you are going to pay for a service, you want to get the best of it, right? Before making any decisions ask these questions in order to see if the moving company you have chosen is going to meet your needs: What is your registration number? What are your rates and estimates? Are there any additional fees? Will there be an additional transfer? What insurance coverage do you provide? Can I have a written estimate for my records?

4.       Watch Out for Illegitimate Movers

Not all moving companies are looking out for you, which is why you must ask your moving company to provide a registration number.  You can use the registration number to check the mover’s legitimacy. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration also provides a lot of information on your rights as a client to a mover. Some things to keep any eye out for are: over-the-phone estimate is unusually low, estimate is not based on weight, no in-home inspection, asking for cash or large deposits and that all your goods are completely covered by their insurance. These few red-flags just skim the surface of signs on how to spot a rogue mover, however if you do your research thoroughly All My Sons Moving & Storage Minneapolis believe you will find the best movers to help you.