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Best Places to Have Fun in St. Paul

Often described as the more laidback older brother of the Twin Cities, St. Paul has plenty to do for both those looking for urban and outdoor adventures. Moving to Minnesota’s capital city during the summertime has so many perks for the entire family. Since Minnesota has hands-down, some of the best family-style fun throughout the state, take a break from moving to St. Paul and check out the venues below.

Not only does this give everyone in your family plenty of time to get acquainted with their new city, but it also will provide ample time for everyone to see why St. Paul was named the “#1 Cleanest Metro Area” by Travel + Leisure, the “Third Least Stressed City” by the American Psychological Association, and the “Fourth Greenest City in America” by National Geographic.

Your local St. Paul movers are better than having a local resident show you around the city, as they have moved many families all around the city. These three places are guaranteed to provide endless hours of excitement for the whole family.

Mall of America. With 520 stores, 50 restaurants and Nickelodeon Universe, the Mall of America in St. Paul is the largest retail and entertainment complex in the nation. One of the most popular tourist destinations in the Midwest, enjoy being able to drive to the Mall of America whenever you want after your relocation to St. Paul! The fun does not stop at shopping, though. Every year, the mall hosts an average of 400 events that feature musical acts, celebrity book signings, fashion shows, and more one-of-a-kind events. Aside from all of those events, you can also find the Minnesota Aquarium, a flight simulation center, comedy theater and mini golf course in the mall, making the Mall of America the perfect place to take your children who may not have loved the idea of moving to Minneapolis – but they sure will once they see how amazingly fun it is.

Nickelodeon Universe. With over seven acres of entertainment and rides, your kids can get a first-hand experience of all of their favorite shows in person, at this completely unique theme park. Located in the Mall of America, this is the perfect compromise for the whole family. From Dora, the Backyardigans, to SpongeBob, your younger kids can meet their favorite TV characters. If you have older kids that have outgrown Nickelodeon, they can always take a break from unpacking their moving boxes and decorating their new bedrooms, and explore the many stores and attractions throughout the mall! Better yet, maybe let them pick out something new for their bedroom.

Extreme Sandbox. A completely different experience from any other summer attraction, Extreme Sandbox will give your entire family an adrenaline rush that they cannot get anywhere else in St. Paul! One of the few places where you can operate heavy equipment in a safe and controlled environment, there are very few other places where you can drive a bulldozer, crush a car, and then end the day with a ride in a fire truck. What better way to end a day of moving?