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Discover Your Green Thumb

Finally, the long awaited arrival for spring has almost come to an end. The leaves are turning from white to green and all of the foliage is slowly but surely starting to come back to life. Now is the perfect time to rediscover your green thumb and display it throughout your home. But why should one show off their green thumb when they live in an apartment and have no backyard to speak of, you ask? Well, All My Sons Moving & Storage has three fantastic reasons and tips on how, and why, you can liven up your humble abode.

  1. Use Your Surroundings. Do you have ample amount of windows that seem to be lacking something? Put foliage on the sill! It is the perfect place to water, fertilize, mist, and prune your greenery. Also, if you have never heard of container gardening, then it is time to become familiar with it. In various sizes of ceramic bowls and bins, ranging from extra-large to small, these containers are the easiest way to grow plants. From tiny trees to dainty flowers, these efficient pots will allow you to bring instant life into your home. Also, don’t forget about the tried and true flower box, these are forever a classic for showing off your foliage.
  2. Breathe Easy. It is extremely easy for your apartment to feel closed in and stuffy, especially after a long and harsh winter season. Luckily, your plants can help alleviate this feeling with their severely underrated air-cleaning properties. Make sure to open your windows for a little while, every day, in order to get rid of some of that carbon-dioxide that has been building up all winter. After to open up your home, add some plants that are specifically designed to clean your air. According to the Associated Landscape Contractors of America, they performed a study in which they discovered that toxins, including household products (which emit chemicals such as formaldehyde, benzene and naphthalene), gasoline products, moth balls, upholstered furniture, mineral spirits, liquid pest products, tobacco smoke, oil-based paints, nail polish, and aerosol-based personal care products, can all be filtered out by a select group of plants. After all, we are pretty certain that you do not want all of those harsh chemicals collecting in your home.
  3. Clean Your Air. Investing in some aloe will help clean out benzene and formaldehyde. Make sure to place this plant in the sun, it needs plenty of it! Also, adopting a Gerber Daisy will not only add a splash of brightness to your home, it will also nix trichloroethylene; a chemical that clings to all of your clothes when they are dry-cleaned. So wherever you keep your dry-cleaned clothes, that is also where you should place your Gerber Daisy. Lastly, adding a Heart leaf Philodendron to your home can help to tackle all of the formaldehyde that builds up. But be careful, don’t let kids and pets near them because the leaves are harmful if eaten.