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How to Pack a Storage Unit

No one looks forward to packing a storage unit.

This chore can be made easier, though. Follow these steps from the Miami movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage and you won’t be pulling your hair out after hours of not being able to stuff your dresser into your huge mass of stuff.

One of your main concerns about this process may be protecting your things. No one wants their items to get damaged or smell bad in storage. In order to prevent this, packers should completely seal all of their items. Pillows, blankets, sheets, and other articles which can pick up a smell can be stored safely into bags. These bags should be air-tight and sealed in order to fully work.

Boxes are a great way to avoid damaging your goods, as well. Place things in boxes according to what they are. For example, fragile goods such as a jewelry box or an antique clock can be placed in the same box; they are both easily broken. With this in mind, make sure to label the box as fragile to ensure its safety. Fully labeling and specifying the contents of the boxes not only keeps things in good condition, but helps when you’re trying to remember what you actually even put into the boxes. When your home is covered in an array of brown boxes, labels make unpacking much faster.

Another concern of packing a storage unit is space. How are you going to fit your grandmother’s antique dresser into that tiny unit? While it may pain you at first, you must compile your furniture into the smallest pieces possible. Deconstruct your larger items into smaller pieces to ensure that everything fits.

It may still be a squeeze, but at least you won’t have to part with that family heirloom. Miami movers suggest breaking things down into smaller pieces so that things are easier to fit efficiently into your storage unit.

Additionally, clothes can be a concern in this storage unit packing process. To avoid ripping or damaging articles of clothing, Miami movers suggest using hanging clothes boxes. With these boxes, clothes can be hung up in storage; they can stay safe and sound when you pack your storage unit.

Despite the difficulty and the stress that packing a storage unit can create, it can be made easier and fun, too. While you’re looking forward to moving in and getting settled into a new area, this process can add to the excitement.

Plan ahead and organize the layout of your unit so that the process is efficient and relaxing. It sounds insane, but packing can be easy.

Packing a storage unit well even allows for a better move-in. You can rest easily knowing that all the work you accomplished in packing will surely pay off when unloading. With these things in mind while packing your storage unit, you can fully enjoy the excitement and the anticipation which comes with moving.