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Why Is There A Pyramid in Memphis?

The Most Unique Building on the Mississippi River

Those moving to Memphis likely ask the same question as soon as they arrive…Why is there a giant glass pyramid sitting on the banks of the Mississippi River? This incredible building has a short but interesting history in Tennessee’s second-largest city.

History of the Memphis Pyramid

The fact that Memphis has one pyramid is fascinating…but it turns out the city almost had three! Plans for the pyramid date back to the 1950s when Memphis artist Mark Hartz decided he wanted his city to have a signature piece of architecture, just like the Gateway Arch in St. Louis. But it was not until 1989 when construction would actually begin on one of the three envisioned pyramids. Plans for the other two were abandoned, likely forever. The Memphis Pyramid opened in 1991 and measures more than 320 feet from ground level to tip.

The Memphis Pyramid As An Arena

Imagine watching a professional basketball game inside a pyramid! When the Vancouver Grizzlies NBA franchise announced they were moving to Memphis in 2001, they played in what was then called Pyramid Arena.

The arena was like no other building of its kind in the world. There were more than 20,000 seats, although the Memphis Grizzlies struggled to draw large crowds to fill the cavernous pyramid. It was decided as soon as they moved to Memphis, they would be moving out within a few years. In 2004, a team of Memphis movers helped the Grizzlies pack up and relocate to a new yet more traditional arena on the city’s famous Beale Street. The Tigers of the University of Memphis joined the Grizzlies in moving out of the Pyramid after 12 seasons under the pointed roof. During its time as an entertainment venue, the arena also hosted dozens of concerts, other sporting events, and family shows.

Years of Uncertainty for the Memphis Pyramid

2004 brought what was perhaps one of the highest-profile jobs for any Memphis moving company. After getting the Grizzlies and Tigers relocated, the work began to reimagine the Memphis Pyramid. Except for a few events, the building sat empty for years. Memphis leaders discussed all kinds of ideas to reimagine the pyramid but could not get anything to stick. It looked as if Memphis’ most unique attraction would never find a new purpose.

The Grand New Plan for the Memphis Pyramid

After all of the uncertainty, perseverance paid off for Memphis in 2010, when Bass Pro Shops announced it reached a deal to take over the pyramid in grand fashion. Over the next five years, every remnant of the old Pyramid Arena would disappear, and Bass Pro Shops would turn the building into one of the wildest stores on Earth. Besides finding everything imaginable to purchase for hunting, fishing, camping, and other outdoor activities -- visitors are immersed in the outdoors inside. There are waterways with real fish, a simulated swamp, and several demonstration areas. Other attractions at the pyramid include an observation deck, signature restaurants, and a hotel that simulates staying in the wilderness.

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