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Who to Notify of Your Move to Memphis

For your upcoming move to Memphis, you may have a lot on your plate to take care of before your moving day. Such relocation tasks may include booking our Tennesee movers to lend you a hand, finalizing any last-minute payments on the new home, scheduling an installation for a new home security system, and so on. Nonetheless, at the top of your list should be updating your address with various places of importance.  Failure to do so can lead to a delay in mail delivery and home services. The Memphis movers of All My Sons Moving & Storage discuss who to notify of your move to Memphis.


The Local Post Office

Of course, your local post office should be the first place to start to notify of your move to Memphis as this is from where you receive mail. About a couple of weeks before the day of your move, give the post office a visit to fill out a “Change of Address” form in-person or go online to the United States Postal Service site [1] to fill it out from home. After submission, mail will be forwarded to the new address for about 12 months, giving you more than enough time to update your address with other places of importance.



If you receive benefits or letters from the Social Security Administration, they should be the second place to notify of your move to Memphis. Give the SSA advance notice before moving to Memphis by either changing your address through “my Social Security” account online or call (800) 772-1213.


Utility Companies

No one wants to arrive at their new home with no gas, electricity, nor water activated. Therefore, contact the appropriate utility companies before moving to Memphis. A few weeks before you move to Memphis, contact the utility companies to schedule a service cancellation for the old address avoid being charged for service you didn’t actually use after moving out. Once you’ve scheduled a service cancellation, go ahead and schedule a service activation for the new address to confirm you’ll have utilities active upon arrival.


Loved Ones

Of course, you can’t forget about those who you hold close to your heart! Family and friends are an important group to notify of your move to Memphis. How else will they be able to navigate to your new home through Google Maps or Waze if they don’t have the correct address? Or what about sending you housewarming gifts and other important items? Let everyone know ahead of time about your upcoming move and the correct address so everyone can stay up-to-date with your life.


Stress-Free Moving with AMS

Before planning out your move to Memphis, contact our Tennessee movers to get started on a stress-free move. Our Tennessee moving company has over twenty years in the relocation industry, making us the most reliable movers you’ll find in town. We treat each and every move as if it were our own, so you can put your full trust in All My Sons Moving & Storage. Don’t delay, contact our Memphis movers today for your free moving quote!




[1] USPS.com – Official USPS Change of Address