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Ways to Prevent Injury While Moving to Bartlett TN

If there is anything Bartlett TN local movers know it’s how to efficiently move while also reducing the risk for injuries. Moving is exhausting both mentally and physically. Moving is even more tiring when you opt out of hiring professional Bartlett TN local movers. Not only does moving place a strain on your body, one wrong move can cause you pain for days or weeks after moving. So, how do you prevent injury while moving? The experts at Bartlett TN local movers have developed a few tricks to help prevent some of the most common injuries while moving. For your next move, keep an eye out for hazards and follow the guide lines to ensure you aren’t injured in the process.


If only that appeared before you slip on one of your kids’ toys. While moving, most people are rushing to get the heavier boxes to their destination and do not pay much attention to other things around them. One of the most common moving injuries are sprained ankles. They are very common due to how quickly your ankle can roll! Sprained ankles can affect you for days to come and even bring moving day to a stop.

To avoid an injury like this from happening, make sure to keep as many items as you can off the ground. Having a clear path through your home and to the moving truck can reduce the number of things you can trip over. As for tripping over your own feet, we can’t help you there unfortunately. Another tip to prevent injury is to wear the proper gear while moving. Wear comfortable shoes and clothing, and check the weather. If the ground is wet on moving day, make sure to be extra cautious while moving. A simple slip can leave you with a sprained ankle or an injured back.

That brings us to our next concern. A strained back is very common among “self-movers.” Unlike professional Bartlett TN local movers who know how to prevent injury while moving, “self-movers” are not trained in proper lifting methods and carrying etiquette. Believe it or not there is a science to moving items and not all movers know the tricks of the trade. To prevent a strained back during your next move, try out these following tips:

-Wear a back brace while lifting heavy boxes and furniture. This will keep your back aligned and aid in proper lifting form.

-Use your knees, not your back. Maintaining proper form is the difference between finishing the day moving and finishing the day out in bed. To properly lift a box, bend at the knees and use your leg muscles to lift the weight. Bending at your waist will surely result in you pulling a muscle or severely injuring your back.

-Use the proper equipment to lessen the number of boxes that need to be carried manually. Dollies work wonders during moves. If you do not own a dolly, be sure to rent one from the Bartlett TN local movers.

-Finally, in order to prevent injury while moving, pack smart! Smaller boxes will prevent you from over packing and will keep the weight of boxes lower. This will keep the average carrying weight down. You’ll thank us later!