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5 Ways to Save When Hiring a Moving Company

Moving is not an easy task, and many homeowners dread the thought of having to search around for a moving company that they can trust with their stuff, especially since moving companies can be so expensive. After all, the moving company that you hire will be moving, essentially, your life. Memphis moving company All My Sons, wants you to trust us with your life, and we always aim for excellence. We even have these 8 ways that you can save money with your moving company, even if you hire us.

  1. Downsize.  One of the biggest ways that you can cut down on moving company costs is by cutting down on the amount of items that your mover will have to move. Most moving companies will weigh their empty truck and then weigh it once it is full of your belongings. Since most movers charge you by this weight, it is best to get rid of all small items that you do not use, can live without, or can purchase inexpensively after you move. You also want to get rid of any large items that would not be worth per pound to move, if you can purchase a new one for roughly the same price after you move.
  2. Don’t move during season. More people move during the months of June and July, most likely because the weather permits and their children are on summer break from school. The majority of people also move by the first of the month, or the last of the month. If you can avoid moving during any of these times, your move will be cheaper and go much more smoothly, rather than rushed.
  3. Don’t wait until last minute. A moving company will sometimes charge you if you cause an inconvenience in their moving schedule time slots. Even scheduling a mover a few weeks in advance might cost you, so if you already know when you will be moving, try to call 8 weeks ahead of time.
  4. Don’t forget the details. When researching and contacting multiple moving companies to find the best rate for your particular move, don’t forget to tell them the details of your move. If your mover shows up and you live five flights up, they need to take a service elevator, or you have a large piano that needs to be carefully moved, they can and most likely will, charge you accessorial charges, flight charges, long carry charges, and shuttle service. If you do not tell them how far you are moving, don’t be surprised when you get charged a hefty fuel charge and linehaul charge.
  5. Specialty items. If you have things like a snowmobile, boat, piano, trailer, or anything else that needs to be moved, you may want to research a specialty mover to take care of those belongings, or see how much it will cost to rent a trailer to move it yourself. Believe it or not, a paino mover or auto mover typically charges less, since they are only moving one item, an actual moving company will charge more. Yet again, do research in your area to find the best rate and see if it will be cheaper to have the moving company or specialty mover move your specialty item(s).