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This Weekend: Update Your Bathroom

While not everyone has the budget for a bathroom remodel, a bathroom redecorating is likely within reach. Give yourself a weekend and a budget of about $200 and get ready to go shopping! When it comes to the bathroom, like many areas of the home, small changes can equal big results. Follow one, or more, of these ideas and you will notice a fresh new energy emitting from your bathroom. Read on as the Memphis movers share our budget-friendly (and fast!) decorating tips.

Fresh paint. In the bathroom, like every other room, a fresh coat of paint can go a long way in changing the entire mood of a space. For the bathroom, there are a few paint pointers to remember.

Light, bright colors make the room feel bigger, and it can be Zen-like for vibe for your bathroom.

Cabinets and the ceilings can be painted, not just the walls!

Swap out towels. Fresh new towels can be a pick-me-up for any bathroom, and changing out the hand towels has a similar effect. Towels with a little embroidery or theme can also be an easy way to change the theme or color scheme of the bathroom overall.

Also, a new shower curtain can make over the entire bathroom, and it is the largest focal point you have. Choose a style that plays off of the vibe you want the bathroom to have, whether it is classic, modern, romantic or manly.

New rugs on the floor can also help switch up the color palette.

Shower changes can have an impact. Looking for something to change the way you shower? Why not switch up the showerhead? You can get one that simulates a rainfall type of shower, or one that has several different settings depending on how you like the water pressure.

Swap the curtain rod for a curved rod, which opens the shower and makes it feel more spacious without altering the dimensions.

Change the hardware. New knobs on the cabinets can be a way to personalize the bathroom via accents. Try different materials or a different metal to change the mood.

Lighting. Lighting probably has the greatest power to change the appearance and mood of a room.

Consider recessed lighting or a dimmer switch

Add lighting sconces on both sides of the mirror

Keep candles in the bathroom for when your take a relaxing bubble bath.

Enjoy your new bathroom!