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Trending Interior Designs in Memphis

Memphis is a city that’s full of dynamic styles, particularly in home décor trends. Charming southern homes are now incorporating modern styles and adding a unique perspective to interior design. Our Memphis movers share a few home décor trending interior designs in Memphis to inspire your decorating process in your new home in Memphis.


Eclectic Fixtures

If you don’t like the current lights or handles on your drawers, you could swap them out for a funky copper color or unique shape. Adding a statement light fixture or changing up the hardware on cabinets and doors is an easy fix you can implement that makes a big difference and is one of the most trending interior designs in Memphis and home décor blogs online. Our Memphis local movers suggest adding Edison lights in your kitchen or dining room for an industrial modern look or even a contemporary crystal chandelier if you’re aiming for a more opulent atmosphere. Industrial Edison bulbs add a modern touch to your home. The lights can either dangle individually or they can be connected in a semi-flush, but the possibilities are endless. Chandeliers have been a design favorite for generations but now there is a new, modern spin on chandeliers. These chandeliers make great statement pieces in the center of your home. You could choose a chandelier with circle bulbs displayed in a linear position or a candle-style with long, skinny bulbs.


Accessorize Your Living Space

If you are looking to incorporate a personal touch, you can do so with little touches throughout your home. A few home décor trends in Memphis that can tie a room together include accent pillows, personal artwork, or a mixed-pattern rug. Home décor accessories allow you to add your style and show off your interests in your home. Don’t be afraid to blend modern with rustic accessories, this is your house and your personality. Feel free to mix metals and textures to add dimension to your space and make it more interesting. Liven up a beige couch with a more bohemian style by throwing some colorful pillows on it. Make sure you are sticking your own style because staying true to yourself never goes out of fashion.


Play with Patterns

Your home was most likely designed with neutral colors and is just a blank canvas waiting for a pop f color. Two easy rooms to add color are your kitchen and living room. In the kitchen, the backsplash can change the look and feel of the entire room. A couple of trending interior designs in Memphis are bold, statement backsplashes as well as simple and chic designs. Geometric backsplashes have become widely popular due to their intricate details. Another simple way to add a pop of color in your living room is by choosing a non-neutral couch and other large furniture. Our Memphis long-distance movers have noticed more people incorporating couches in bright and bold colors and ditching the neutrals. A hunter green or navy blue suede couch will make your home unique and is a great conversational piece. Play around with color this season and choose fun patterns to make your home feel cheerier and more fun.