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Things to Remember on Moving Day

Packing and moving out of a house and into a new home can get hectic, especially on the day of your move. To help you stay organized and on track for a successful move to Memphis, All My Sons Moving & Storage has a list of things to remember on moving day.

Leave room for the moving truck. Whether you’re packing and moving yourself or you’ve hired full-service Memphis movers to move you to your new home, you’ll need to make sure there is enough room to park the moving truck. If you live in an apartment complex or townhouse, you’ll want to notify your neighbors that you’ll be needing several spaces close to your home to park the moving truck. The closer you can get the moving truck to your home, the better, as almost all moving companies charge a “long carry” fee if they have to park down the street and carry your belongings a far distance.

Update your neighbors about your move. Keep your neighbors in the know when moving, so they are more understanding when parking spaces are taken up or your street is partially blocked by a moving truck. Kindly let them know that you will likely be using up sidewalk space on moving day to load furniture and other belongings. If you are truly inconveniencing your neighbors with your move, All My Sons Memphis movers suggest sending over a note with baked goods or a bottle of wine as a token of your appreciation for their understanding.

Pack an essentials bag for your first night in your new home. Make your move to Memphis less stressful by packing a bag with all the essentials you’ll be needing for your first night in your new home. This bag should consist of toiletries, a change of clothes, a towel, snacks, water and anything else you’ll need on hand the first 24 hours of your move.

Make sure you have cash on you. The last thing you’ll want to do on moving day is run to the bank, so make sure you have cash on hand for tipping your movers and any last minute purchases you’ll be making. You probably won’t be cooking the first night in your new house, so cash will also come in handy when ordering pizza or Chinese food for delivery.

Make sure everyone involved in the moving process has clear directions to your new home. Yes, you may know how to get there by now, but do your Memphis movers know? Before leaving your old house and heading to your new home, make sure you go over driving directions with everyone involved in your move, including friends and family.

Don’t forget to leave your old house keys behind. Collect your old house keys from everyone in your family and make sure you leave them behind for the new homeowners. If you’re renting, make arrangements with your landlord for a key exchange prior to moving day. All My Sons local Memphis movers also suggest double checking that you have keys to your new home on hand, so you can begin unloading the moving truck as soon as you arrive in Memphis.