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The Best Time to Move to Memphis

Anytime is a good time to move to Memphis, but when is the best time?

You’re counting down the days, the hours, the minutes, and maybe even the seconds to your move. How can you be sure that the time of your move is the best time, though? There are a few rules of thumb to time your move most efficiently. There are even some tips especially for timing your move to Memphis, too.

Here’s the best time to move to Memphis from your All My Sons Tennessee moving company:


1. Wake Up with the Sun

This may not be super appealing to you if you’re a repeat-snooze hitter. Make sure to get a good night’s rest the day before because the early morning is the best time to move in the day. Most movers will schedule their services for around 8-10 a.m.

Rising early has countless advantages. Tennessee can be scorching during the summer, and you’ll realize this shortly after your move to Memphis. The early morning is the coolest part of the day, though, so it’s the optimal time to schedule your move for.

You will also have more energy getting the hard work done in the morning, leaving the rest of the day for more menial tasks. Not to mention, moving early may prevent you from having to sit in Memphis’s notorious traffic. Just make sure to avoid major roads during rush hour.


2. Pick a Day, Any Day – As Long As it’s Monday Through Thursday

The Tennessee moving company claims that moving on a weekday is much less popular, making it much more inexpensive for yourself. Consider choosing a day early in the week, too. This way you have an entire week to unpack, organize, and get your new house in order.

Weekdays are the best time to move in the week, so taking off a few extra days from work will definitely be worth it. Besides, a day-off will ease your stress and calm your nerves a bit, too.


3. Be a Mid-Month Mover

Research shows that making your move to Memphis in the middle of the month is the least expensive way to go. For some reason, more people prefer to move in the beginning or at the end of a month. Swim against the current and move mid-month. Not only will you get the cheapest rates from movers, but there will be more moving-day availability, as well.


4. Stay Away from Summer

Hot, humid, and down-right unpleasant, summer in Memphis is not the best time to move. Despite this, most people decide to brave the heat and make their move during the summer since the kids are out of school and life slows down for a while. For this reason, moving during the summer is extremely busy and expensive, as well.

Move to Memphis between the months of mid-September through April for a much more pleasant and inexpensive relocation.


Have you scheduled move-in day yet? Contact your All My Sons Tennessee moving company and they will be able to provide exemplary service at whatever time you decide on – just use this list to make sure that it’s the best one.