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The 6 Best Neighborhoods in Memphis to Consider

There are plenty of reasons to move to Memphis; the low cost of living, the amazing food, diverse landscapes, iconic attractions, the arts, the music, and the increasing development of its surrounding neighborhoods. With all that Memphis and its surrounding area has to offer, it can be tough to decide on a neighborhood that best suits your lifestyle. For those hoping to move to Memphis this year, Barlett TN local movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage have a breakdown of the 6 best neighborhoods in Memphis for you to consider:

  1. Collierville – just a few miles east of Memphis, this town is considered a sprawling suburbia with Tennessee charm. Collierville has local concerts on summer weekends and residents celebrate holidays in Collierville Square park. It has plenty of shopping, hotels, and dining options.
  2. Cooper-Young District combines history, culture, and fine cuisine to create an eclectic melting pot in the Memphis area. Bartlett TN local movers say this neighborhood in Memphis is mostly residential, but has plenty of fine dining options for a nice night out, as well quaint, and vintage shops like Burke’s Book Store on Cooper Street, or Celtic Crossings – a relaxed Irish pub. This neighborhood is all about arts, dining, and music.
  3. Downtown Memphis is the heart of Memphis culture. It’s located along the riverfront, and features elegant homes, historic district pubs, theatres, museums, hotels, lively bars, and restaurants.
  4. Midtown, a funky neighborhood in Memphis stretches from 1-240 to East Parkway. It’s known for being an extremely diverse neighborhood, with people of nearly every ethnicity, background, and orientation.
  5. Broad Avenue Arts District. Revitalization efforts in the early 2000s sparked the development of the Broad Avenue Arts District. This area is yet another popular arts district in Memphis. It features the Water Tower Pavilion, where community members highlight their talents and events, and homemade “Memphis goods” everywhere in local storefronts.
  6. Barlett TN local movers recommend Overton Square to any person looking for a fun city. Overton Square is a vibrant area with endless entertainment options, amazing cuisine, and unique murals hand painted by locals throughout the neighborhood.

Each of these neighborhoods in Memphis are in close proximity to each other, so you can explore all that this artistic, soulful, vibrant city has to offer! Call your Barlett TN local movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage to get started on your move today.