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Save Money During Your Move to Bartlett

Moving can be an expensive time in your life. Between down payments, closing costs, and administrative fees it can be a major financial strain for most people. Local Bartlett movers understand that when it comes to moving, learning how to save money during your move can make a huge difference. A few changes and extra considerations can really make a difference, that is why the local Bartlett movers at All My Sons have found a few tips to save money during your move!

An obvious way to save some money while moving is selling your stuff. During a move, the Bartlett movers suggest going through your things and pulling out any items you have not used in the past few months. Going through items ahead of time gives you time to set up a garage or yard sale to sell some of the things you no longer want or need. Whether you are moving yourself or hiring a moving company, having less items will save you money. If the movers you hired charge by weight, then you’ve already lightened your load and saved money. If you will be moving your things on your own, you now can hopefully rent the smaller moving truck, thereby saving you money once again. If yard sales are not your cup of tea, you can take your unwanted items to a donation location or call one up to have them pick up your items. When you donate them, you can receive a tax deduction if you itemize your donation on your tax returns.

Another common theory for saving money is to move your home yourself rather than hiring professional movers. Although this may save you money during your move, the Bartlett movers say that in certain instances it isn’t always true. Moving a one studio apartment on your own is very different from moving a 3 or 4-bedroom home. When deciding to move yourself or hire professionals, such as the Bartlett movers at All My Sons, it is best to consider all the costs. When all things considered such as packing supplies, time, truck rental, gas and mileage a large move, especially a long-distance move could be cheaper if conducted by professional movers. Evaluate all costs to find which solution is actually cheaper. Assuming that professional movers won’t save you money is a common misconception, especially once everything is considered.

Hiring professional movers often includes services that many people would not think of otherwise. For example, packing supplies can be very expensive. From purchasing boxes, tape, bubble wrap and any other packing supplies you may need, you can be spending quite a chunk of money. However, often when hiring Bartlett movers, the packing supplies and packing services can be included in your estimate. Saving money and time can outweigh other costs. Not to mention saving money on packing supplies in other ways may not always be the cheapest option. Wrapping plates and vases in linens and clothes may seem like a great idea at first, but once you’ve moved in, finding yourself with eight loads of laundry to do can be off putting. These are hidden costs that are often not considered but when looking for a way to save money during your move, the Bartlett movers say you must leave no stone unturned!