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Outdoor Thanksgiving Decorations for Your New Memphis Home

If you have recently made the move to Memphis, chances are you are in the process of making your new house feel like a home. The holiday season is a great opportunity to get creative and make your family feel at home. If you moved before Fall, you’re just in time for Thanksgiving celebrations. We recommend starting with outdoor thanksgiving decorations to enjoy the Fall weather and meet the neighbors. Our Memphis auto movers put together a list of ideas so you can have the most festive house in the neighborhood.

House Number Displayed on Pumpkins

If your pumpkin carving skills are up to par, consider making a pumpkin display to show off your new address. Make a day of it with your family. Carve your house number using a carving kit from your local craft store. If you prefer artificial pumpkins, our Memphis movers have a trendy alternative. Purchase the number of pumpkins needed for your house number. Paint the pumpkins white, let it dry, and then paint each number on a pumpkin using a stencil. Place the pumpkins outside your door with some greenery or flowers.

Create a Thanksgiving Porch Scene

DIY the perfect Thanksgiving porch scene right outside your front door. The required materials are pumpkins, an old rake, potted mums, a chair, and feathers. Place pinecones in a basket and put the basket on the ground next to the chair. Use artificial fall flowers to spruce up the old rake and dried cornhusks to make a beautiful bed for the pumpkins to sit on. Make your porch so original, your new neighbors will be thrilled you moved to Memphis!

Make Your Own Fall Doormat

Have you been admiring the trees donning autumn leaves since moving to Memphis? Then you should make a decorative fall doormat. Head outside to find the perfect autumn leaf and trace it onto a sheet of construction paper. Cut out the leaf-shape to create a stencil. After you purchase a doormat, trace the stencil to imitate fallen leaves. Fill in each leaf with white crafts paint. Now you have a fall doormat that holds sentimental value in your new home.

DIY Thanksgiving Wreath

Outdoor Thanksgiving decorations are not complete until you decorate the front door. Something about a wreath makes a home feel warm and inviting. Our local movers in Memphis recommend purchasing a flat basket to serve as the base of the wreath. Find items like small metallic pumpkins and leaves to hot glue to the basket. Be sure to personalize your wreath with your last name or the word “thankful” in the center. Once you make the wreath, you and your family will have it for years to come.