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Outdoor Thanksgiving Decorations for Your New Memphis Home

If you have recently made the move to Memphis, Tennessee, chances are you are in the process of making your new house feel like a home. Some may think that moving right before the holidays is cause for stress, but our Memphis movers see it as a great opportunity to get creative and make your family feel at home. Although indoor decorations are just as important, decorating the outdoors of your home for Thanksgiving will make friends and family feel welcome right off the bat, while also letting neighbors know you have moved in and are open to visitors.

To help get you started with your outdoor Thanksgiving decorations, All My Sons Moving & Storage of Memphis has put together a list of ideas you can use this year. They are simple, yet elegant and will give your new Memphis house the touch it needs to transform into a home.

- House Number Displayed on Pumpkins – If you have recently moved to Memphis and your house number is four digits are less, consider making a pumpkin topiary to show off your new address. Purchase artificial pumpkins from your local craft store and paint them white. While the pumpkins are drying, head on over to a home improvement store and buy black house numbers in a vintage style. Screw in one number per pumpkin and stack the pumpkins on a dowel for stability. Place the stacked pumpkins in a pot of some sort with greenery or flowers at the bottom.

- Create a Thanksgiving Porch Scene – Using pumpkins, an old rake, potted mums, a chair and feathers, create the perfect Thanksgiving scene right outside your front door. Place pinecones in a basket and put the basket on the ground next to an old chair. Use artificial fall flowers to spruce up an old rake and dried cornhusks to make a beautiful bed for pumpkins to sit on. Make your porch so original, your new neighbors will be thrilled you moved to Memphis!

- Make Your Own Fall Front Doormat – Have you been admiring all of the trees donning autumn leaves since moving to Memphis? Then you should make a fall door mat to remind you of it. Head outside to find the perfect autumn leave and trace it onto a sheet of construction paper. Cut the leaf-shape out with scissors to create a stencil of the leave. Place the stencil several different ways, tracing it each time on a natural-colored doormat. Once you have traced out the stencil a number of times on the mat, you can then fill in each leaf with white crafts paint. You now have a fall front doormat that holds sentimental value in your new home.

- Gourd Hanging Baskets – Have you moved to Memphis and into a home that has a front porch railing or front gate? Use gourds to create natural hanging baskets that are filled with fall flowers and foliage. To start, head to your local farmers market to find gourds that have long enough curved stems that they will be able to hang over a railing on their own. Cut out a 2-inch hole from the side and middle of the gourd, so you are able to fill with water and flowers. Hook the completed arrangements over railings of your front gate or porch to create a unique display you’re sure to be proud of.