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Organize Your Memphis Closet

Closets are an area that is infamous for gathering clutter and falling susceptible to a state of disarray. Here at the Memphis movers, we want to help you get your dressing room organized—and keep it that way! There are likely several closets throughout your home, each of which will require a slightly different set of organizational tasks, but all can benefit from a few general de-cluttering and organizational tips.

Keep it Seasonal. Many of us fall into the habit of wanting to keep everything we have hanging in plain sight. The truth it, this is an extremely inefficient way of managing your belongings. Keep everything that is wearable right now hanging in your closet, with other out of season items stored until their time rolls around again.

Organize your Clothing. For some people, it is efficient to keep things organized by color. For others, it is easier to have clothing items broken down into pre-planned outfits organized by occasion. Find what works best for you and set your closet up that way.

Accessories Need a Place, Too. Belts, jewelry, scarves, hats and purses all need a place to call home in your closet. Thankfully, modern organization has led the way to micro-organization and all the tools that you need to make it happen in your own space. Places like IKEA and the Container Store have something for everything, and both aim to help you maximize storage in small spaces such as closets.

Shoes are Seasonal, Too. When it comes to getting it all organized, shoes are another area that can be split as seasonal. Boots and other bulky shoes needn’t take up valuable closet space when it’s the middle of summer. Keep a few shoe boxes when you buy new shoes and use them to store and stow out of season footwear.

It’s important to remember that when everything has its own place, keeping organization in play and keeping clutter at bay is a natural process. The struggle comes when we lack storage solutions or a method to the madness, and everything can slowly creep out of control until the closet becomes a danger zone. Everyday tools such as shelves, bins, storage bags, crates and hangers go a long way in making the organizational process a smooth one.