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Tips for Not Breaking Your Flat Screen TV While Moving

Imagine…you have just unlocked the door of your new home for the first time, and upon unpacking all of your belongings, you stumble upon something no person should have to see…a perfectly good flat screen TV broken. All because you didn’t take those extra few minutes to make sure you had safely packed your beloved flat screen. Well, have no fear for All My Sons Moving & Storage has a list to ensure that this nightmare does not happen to you.

  1. Box it Up. If you managed to not throw out the original box that the TV came in, then congratulations on having the genius enough to realize that you might need to use it again one day. If you managed to save it, then use the original packaging to re-wrap your flat screen. If you are an over achiever and managed to save the receipt as well, then that will come in handy if there is an accident and you need to claim insurance.
  2. What Box? On the other hand, if you are like 99% of the population and most likely threw out the original box (you can forget about the receipt all together), then invest in a heavy-duty box. But you can’t just choose any plain old box for the prestigious task of keeping your TV safe and sound. Oh no, you must get the heaviest of duty box in order to prevent your TV from meeting its untimely death. Pick one that is hard to puncture and is thicker than a normal cardboard box.
  3. Bubble Wrap. In general, it is safe to say that anytime you pack for a move, invest in double the amount of bubble wrap than you think you need. An exceptional buffer between the box and your flat screen, taking the extra step to reinforce your package, is something we promise that you will not regret. Even if you buy way too much bubble wrap, you can reuse it for mailing gifts to loved ones or for helping your friend pack for their own move.
  4. Towels and Blankets, Oh My. So maybe you didn’t listen to our advice and forwent buying double the amount of bubble wrap that you thought you needed. Well, rest assured, we have a solution for you; use your towels and blankets. Not only does it protect your TV, it also packs your linens simultaneously. Don’t say we didn’t tell you!
  5. Mark Your Box. Chances are, most people will not be able to tell what is exactly in each of the identical brown moving boxes, so make sure to take the time to label it. This will alert people that they are carrying a breakable item and ensure that they take extra care when handling your precious cargo. Use a large marker to write in large letters “Fragile” on each side of the box. If you are really feeling protective, you can also write “This Side Up” so that your package does not run the risk of being carried upside down.