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Moving in Together into Your New Memphis Home

Moving in together is a big step, whether you are in a relationship or have recently married. While some things can’t be helped easily, such as cleanliness habits or personal style, there is hope that through following a few tips the merger of your two households can be streamlined and as stress-free as possible. The Bartlett movers have plenty of tips to helping you make the most of your new move!

The first thing you should do is take a full inventory of what each of you currently own. If you have duplicates, you’ll have to pick one of the two to donate or sell. Having duplicates will only lead to clutter and decrease usable cabinet space. Also, if you have appliances or other items that you simply don’t use, pitch them. They will only contribute to clutter and collect dust.

The next thing you need to figure out is how you will use the space you have been allotted. Measure the length of walls and ceilings and figure out what arrangements will maximize the space in the most efficient way. He might have his heart set on a sectional sofa, but the room might only allow for a loveseat and an armchair. Be honest with yourselves and you’ll avoid kicking yourselves later over purchasing the wrong things.

Draw out a plan. Architects do it, so do designers and decorators. Map out what you want to go where and you’ll have less guess work and spend less time dragging furniture around.  Knowing what furniture goes where and what accents and art belong in each space will be time-saving when the move in process is in full swing.

If you’ve got perfectly fine furniture but the color scheme is off, paint it! Save yourself the cost of picking out new perfect pieces and turn your existing furniture into what you are looking for. Ditto for items with old upholstery—reupholstering furniture can be a fun activity for you both to embark on together.

Understand that there is no rush. Decorating your home is a continual effort, and homes evolve over time at their own progression. There shouldn’t be a desire to get your home “done”—you will continually come across things that catch your eye and deserve a place in your new home together.