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Moving Out During the Holiday Season: What to Know

You are ready to leave the nest and get your own place. It just so happens that you are doing so during the busiest time of the year. At All My Sons Moving & Storage Memphis, we understand that moving during the holidays is anything but easy, especially if it is a move to your first place. Our Memphis full-service movers provide a few tips to make your holiday move a bit more cheerful.


Scheduling Moving Out During the Holidays

A big part of moving out during the holiday season is scheduling. Holiday festivities and commitments take up a lot of time already. Moving during the holidays only makes your calendar more packed.

You will want to avoid mall traffic and holiday traffic as much as possible. It will be important to plan ahead, especially if your family is helping you. The holidays are chaotic for everyone so give them plenty of notice about your plans.

Keep the weather in mind. December weather can be a bit unpredictable. Depending on where you are moving, you could be headed straight into a blizzard. Have your cold weather clothes ready and a Plan B in case snow ruins your moving plans.

The good part about a holiday move is that it tends to be a less busy time for Memphis relocation services. You may be able to get a better deal on Memphis full-service movers who will take care of almost everything for you. Rather than spending all of your time packing, you could be holiday shopping or celebrating with your family before you leave. A Tennessee moving company could do the packing for you.

Along with scheduling the move well in advance, you will also want to talk to your family about the holiday plans. If you are using Tennessee movers to leave the state, you may not be able to spend the actual day of the holiday with family. See if you can schedule another day for festivities before your holiday move.


Spending the Holidays at Your New Home

It can take some time for your new place to feel like home, but spending the holidays somewhere unfamiliar doesn’t have to be depressing.

In order to make your holidays feel merry and bright, put up some decorations. Go for the easy ones that you can place on top of tables or unpacked boxes. It will help make your new place feel a little homier.

As soon as you start to get settled, have you family or friends over to visit if possible. Having loved ones around you in your new place will make it feel more like the holiday season. You could do a potluck to avoid having to cook in an unpacked kitchen.

If you are moving to a new town, use the opportunity to explore the area. There are always plenty of holidays events going on so take advantage of it. You may be able to meet new friends as well.

At All My Sons Moving & Storage Memphis, we are a Tennessee moving company that wants to make your holiday move a little bit easier. Enjoy the holidays and let us take care of the hard stuff.