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Moving to Memphis in the Rain

While you’re finishing up last-minute relocation tasks such as updating your driver’s license and notifying the post office of your move to Memphis, the last thing on your mind is what the weather will be like on the day of your move. Once you finally get around to checking the weather forecast on your moving day, a feeling of despair may wash over you when you see that it’s more than likely going to rain. If you plan on hiring our Memphis movers to help you move into your new home, there’s nothing to worry about as our experienced movers can handle any move, rain or shine. However, if you’re planning a DIY move to Memphis, we’re sharing some helpful tips to use to reduce your chances of having a slippery move.

Opt for Plastic

Instead of packing your valuables in cardboard boxes, choose plastic bins instead. Mixing water with cardboard can result in a soggy mess, putting you behind schedule. Besides plastic bins, you can also have plastic bags handy as an extra layer of protection for your electronics and valuables. If you decide to hire our Memphis movers instead of a DIY move, our Memphis packing services will use plastic packing materials to ensure all your belongings remain secure and safe from moisture.

Reduce Distance

The last thing you want to do on your DIY move to Memphis is dampen the floors with wet shoes by walking around a lot. Reduce the pathways you create to load or unload by gathering all the boxes into one room or the garage. This will minimize the wet and muddy footprints and create less of a mess in the home overall as you’re moving in the rain.

Create a Cover

Setting up a temporary cover as you move in the rain can help you and your belongings stay a little more dry. This cover should be set up between the door and the moving truck and it can either be a popup tent or a hanging tarp over the path.

Loading Moving Truck in the Rain

Now here comes the hard part: loading the moving truck in the rain. To reduce your chances of slipping in the rain, lay out sheets of cardboard from the entryway of your home, creating a path to the truck. Simply place old sheets or rugs on the floor indoors for the safety of you and our Memphis local movers as they are hauling boxes and furniture around.

Dry Off Along the Way

Make sure to keep some towels accessible to dry yourself and your valuables off. Also, take a few towels and place them inside the moving truck to reduce the amount of moisture inside. Simply wipe off the excess moisture of your plastic bins, bags, and furniture.

Our Tennessee Movers Have Your Back

Eliminate the stress of moving in the rain by hiring our Memphis movers. We take on the challenge of moving, rain or shine, so you don’t have to. For over twenty years, our experienced long-distance and commercial movers have helped relocate families and businesses nationwide, therefore, you can count on our expertise. Call us today for your free, no-obligation quote.