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Moving Dictionary: What Your Memphis Moving Company Says vs. What They Mean

With the summer months ahead, this means that peak season for moving is right around the corner.

Before you use your Memphis moving company, make sure you familiarize yourself with the local mover’s lingo so you don’t have to worry about any communication issues on moving day. Ensure that your move to Tennessee goes as seamlessly as possible with this guide from All My Sons Moving & Storage on what your Memphis moving company says vs. what they mean.

Accessorial Charges. Additional charges that go beyond your movers’ basics.

Bill of Lading. The contract you have with your Memphis moving company.

Binding Estimate. The firm price that is based on the number of items you are moving. The estimate will be decided once an inspection of your items is completed.

Blanket Wrapping. This is when your items are packed with a little extra padding. This keeps your furniture and nay other belongings from being damaged when the moving truck hits bumps.

Conditioning. When your Memphis moving company takes notes of any scuffs and scrapes that your stuff has on it before it has been loaded onto the truck. This protects your movers from having to pay for any damages that were previously there.

Consultant. A salesperson or other representative from All My Sons Memphis who calls you to find out the details of your move.

Extra Pickup. Any additional days you need your Memphis moving company crew. This can include needing an extra day to move or having your moving company deliver items in your storage unit that you forgot about.

Interstate Move. When you found a job in Memphis, but your current home is in San Antonio, you will have an interstate move.

Intrastate Move. When you found a job in Memphis, but your current home is in Nashville, you will have an intrastate move.

Load Only. When you only hire your Memphis moving company to load your items onto the moving truck, not to pack them.

PBO. This stands for Packed by Owner (PBO), not by the Memphis moving company.

Peak Season Rates. Peak season for moving is July 1st to February 1st. During this time, you may pay more for moving rates than during the off-season for moving.

Professional Packing. When you hire your Memphis moving company to pack your belongings for you and your family.

Tariff. A document each moving company has that states how much you are being charged for each part of your move.

Unload Only. When you hire your Memphis moving company to unload your belongings for you.