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Top 5 Mistakes When Arranging Your Furniture

Now that you have finally got the tough part over – packing and moving to your new home in Cordova – the fun part begins: decorating. However, many rooms never reach their full potential, simply because the furniture is not arranged correctly. Avoid these top five mistakes made when arranging your furniture in your new home.

  1. Impersonal furniture. Sure, you may like the idea of having more room in your home by pushing all of your furniture up against the wall – but at the end of the day, it makes it impossible to have a comfortable and relaxing conversation with guests when they come over. Make your home cozier by rearranging your furniture closer towards the center of the room, so the chairs are closer together and it is easier to enjoy the company of your guests. Added bonus: push your furniture closer to the fireplace for a warmer vibe – pun intended.
  2. Down-size. So when you were packing and moving for your relocation to Cordova, you forgot one tiny thing – to take into account the size differences of some of the rooms in your new home. Instead of squeezing too much furniture into an already-cramped space, opt for a few key pieces of furniture that will not overwhelm your home, and still provide enough seating at the same time.
  3. What window? While you may love that extra-tall headboard when you bought it at the furniture store – you may find yourself having different sentiments once you realize it is blocking half of your window. Not only does it look strange from the street view, it can also cause the sun to face your headboard unevenly. If the only place your bed looks good is in front of the window, then try hanging up floor-length curtains that will create a seamless look behind your headboard.
  4. Not getting creative. Just because some of your furniture was set-up a certain way in your old home, does not mean that it has to stay like that once you have finished packing and moving to Cordova. Break up an outdated decorating style by trying less-conventional ways of arranging your furniture. Not only will it immediately update the interior design of your new home, it can also add a lot more space that you previously did not think you had.
  5. Forgetting traffic flow. It is easy to forget to take into account traffic flow when arranging the furniture in your new home. Consider how people navigate the room and where the most traffic will be for entering and exiting. For example, you want to make sure that there is enough space for guests to easily get in and out of the dining table, without having to awkwardly shuffle and squeeze behind chairs that are too close to the wall. Prevent this from happening by planning a clear path in between the entry and exit of the room.