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Moving to Memphis? Get Ready to be a Sports Fan!

According to a recent article published USA Today, Memphis is the most underrated city in terms of sports appreciation. For local Memphis residents, it is about time that someone took notice of their devotion to their hometown teams. From basketball to football to baseball, it’s about time the rest of the country start paying attention to Memphis. If you are looking to move to Memphis, and you love sports, you may have just found your niche in the world.

Although Memphis does not have a major league baseball team, they do have a minor league team. And for most people, going to baseball games is 10% for the actual baseball, and 90% for the atmosphere. The Memphis Redbirds are a triple A minor league affiliate of the St. Louis Cardinals that have been playing in Memphis since 1988. The team is devoted to giving back to the community, and was ranked by Forbes as the eighth most valuable minor league franchise in 2013. Go Redbirds!

Memphis has two major basketball teams. The first is the Memphis Grizzlies, which is an NBA team that plays in the FedExForum, AKA The Grindhouse. The Grindhouse is what USA Today said has entirely underrated because it is one of the few arenas that have their own distinct character. The second team is the University of Memphis men’s basketball teams. They are Division 1 in the NCAA and also play at The Grindhouse. Both teams fill the arena ad bring down the house in terms of spirit, hence why Memphis is one of the best cities for sports in the country.

And then there is football. Memphis has attempted to establish a professional football team, but for one reason or another it never worked out. One football team that is alive and well is the University of Memphis’ football team. The Tigers are a strong team that has produced countless of professional athletes. The University of Memphis is a large school that is dedicated to giving its students the best in all area, including athletics. People in Memphis are wild about their tigers.

Along with these traditional American sports Memphis also home to golf, tennis, motorsports, rugby, roller derby, ice hockey, and wrestling. No matter what your favorite sport is, Memphis has some kind of event for you to attend. When people think of the big hot spots in terms of sports, Memphis usually doesn’t come up. Thankfully though, USA Today has begun to shed some light on the wonder that is Memphis. If you are looking to move to a good southern town with a great atmosphere and even better sports devotion, Memphis is the place for you.