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Memphis Packing and Moving Guide to Moving a Large Safe

As Memphis movers, we receive different challenges with every move. Some of those moves involve moving a safe. As professional movers we need help too, so we designed this guide so you can work with us in making the process of moving a safe a little bit easier for yourself and our team as well.

First off, if you’re having trouble moving the safe and you need some help with it, don’t be mad about it. That’s exactly what a good safe is meant to do. Unfortunately for some people, they don’t realize the issue that comes along with an easily relocatable safe is.

It is time to prep the safe for relocation. Safe’s are heavy enough as is, empty all contents within to lighten up the load. Besides, most people keep fragile, expensive items in safes, and truth be told, moving an extremely heavy safe is not the smoothest of processes. Upon removing your valuables, pack them separately from everything. Do this in a private secure location so these items can’t be targeted and the worry of the items magically disappearing is nonexistent.

Now that everything is out of the safe and securely packed it is time to gather some heavy-duty moving equipment to safely and properly move the safe. Some equipment you’ll need:

Heavy-duty appliance dolly. One that is used for refrigerators, washers and safes


Moving Straps. Even though most of the weight will be on the dolly, moving straps will help lighten some of the pressure off the dolly and give you more control of the maneuverability of the safe during relocation.


A Few Strong Men. Safes are not to be taken lightly. Precautions are necessary to ensure no injuries occur to anyone. Map out your path and be sure that nothing is in the way that can prolong this already stressful process. With the help of some friends, the right equipment and with the proper precautions taken, a successful move is possible.


Use these tips to get the safe from inside your house onto the moving truck.

To get the safe on the dolly, tilt one side up, slide the dolly underneath and carefully rest the safe against it.

Use your moving straps to secure one side of the safe and then the other as you slowly pick up the other side to move it completely on the dolly.

Now that all the weight is on the dolly, it is suggested that three people work together to steadily move the safe around your house.

Once outside, to get the safe from the dolly to the moving truck, the moving straps will have to bear most of the weight.

Slowly stand up putting most of the stress from the safe on your legs. With the assistance of a few friends the safe should be easily lifted onto the bed of the truck.

This process can be complicated and require the skills of a certified moving expert as the heavy load can be a lot to handle. If you have any questions do not hesitate to call your Memphis movers, or if you are looking for packing supplies and moving tips visit our blog or call us at 901-248-0548.