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Memphis Packers Guide to Moving a Piano

Are you moving a piano by yourself, or have you enlisted the help of local Memphis movers? Regardless, All My Sons Moving & Storage has some tips to make sure that your piano is not damaged during the moving process, and that your walls and floors remain undamaged as well.

Create a Moving Plan

Unlike most furniture, pianos are expensive, rigid and bulky. Moving a piano is not as easy as moving a sofa or bed because it cannot be easily taken apart, nor do you want to take it apart.

Start by outline a route for the move, that’s the first thing that Memphis movers look at when moving any specialty furniture. Once you know the measurements, allow for at least 6 inches of space on either side or doors and walkways to avoid any damage.   

Purchase the Right Packing Supplies

Next, you’ll need to find the bester packing supplies for moving a piano. These supplies can be rented directly from Memphis movers if you decide to move the piano by yourself.

You will need a moving dolly, a moving blanket, pads and moving straps, all of which is available at the All My Sons Moving & Storage website.

An important tip from Memphis movers: Always place the moving pads underneath the parts of the piano that contact the ground, BEFORE you attempt to lift the piano onto the dolly. If you put the piano back down to readjust yourself or the dolly, it may damage the floor and the piano. Gently lift each side and place pads underneath first.

Place the moving blanket over the piano and use the straps to secure the piano to the moving dolly. Now, all you have to do is slowly move the piano through your house using the path you have already designated.

It’s Time to Move the Piano

Moving straps have two functions when moving a piano. First, they are used to gain leverage and lift the piano safely. Use the straps around your shoulders, waist, or other appropriate areas, and hoist the piano up from both sides.

Make sure the moving dolly is secure and stable before you begin. The last thing you want is to try and stabilize the piano while you have it lifted in the air!

Feel free to take breaks because moving a piano is not easy. IT make sense to take a break rather than risk damaging this expensive musical instrument. If it is secure on the moving dolly, take your time while moving it.

Get a Little Help

Moving a piano is not a one-person job. You will need at least 2 people to move a piano safely and a third spotter is also helpful. The third person can secure the moving dolly and position is underneath the piano.

All My Sons Moving & Storage Memphis movers can help too. We provide customizable moving options so if all you need is specialty moving services for pianos, antiques and other valuable furniture, we can get it done for you!