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Memphis in May: A Historical City Tradition

Whether you are moving to Memphis, have lived there your whole life, or are just visiting, there is one thing that you absolutely must do. If you are visiting, make sure to plan your trip around May so that you are able to fully enjoy the essence of Memphis. If you live there or are planning on moving there, clear your calendars for the month of May, because you now have plans!

Every May, Memphis has an international festival named, “Memphis in May.” It is held each year in May and each year it salutes a different country. For 2015, the country being saluted is Poland. Although all of the activities do not last all month long, activities are staggered throughout the moth so that there is always something to do. The first part of the festival is a music festival that is loved by everyone. It has music that will make even the grouchiest person tap their foot, and it is only the beginning of the Memphis in May festivities.

The second phase of Memphis in May is the International salute. For 2015, the festival is saluting Poland, but it changes every year. The countries are honored by their art work being displayed in local museums, films from the country are shown, there are food and drink events with food from the chosen country, there are performances by people from the country, and there are even speakers that come and lecture. If you are interested in learning about Poland, or any country for that matter, Memphis in May is the right place for you.

After international week the focus shits to the World Champion Barbecue Cooking Contest. Every year people from around the country to come together to see who can cook the best barbecue. The only appropriate place to have this competition is in the south, so it makes sense that the World Champion Barbecue Cooking Contest calls Memphis home. It’s a pretty big deal, and people love to go enjoy some good barbecue while drinking beer with good company. All in all, it is something that everyone should experience at some point in their life.

And then there is the Sunset Symphony. This is the way the festival comes to an end, and it is simply breathtaking. Basically, it is the most American event you could possibly attend. It is a family friendly function that takes place on the banks of the Mississippi river. You are allowed to bring picnic baskets and blankets and set up camp for the day. Local musicians play their music throughout the day, and at 6 o’clock there is an air show. Then, to finish off the night there is a fireworks show that ends the festival with a bang. It is a truly mesmerizing experience that everyone needs to experience at some point in their lifetime.