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Long-Distance Moving to Memphis

While planning your long-distance move to Memphis, it can seem discouraging at first. There’s a lot that can go wrong when you’re traveling hundreds of miles with all your belongings. On the other hand, moving long-distance can go well if you carefully plan everything; from packing your valuables and furniture to figuring out how to transport your vehicle. With so many aspects of the move to consider, our Memphis movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage share several tips on long-distance moving to Memphis.


Map Out Your Move

Your top priority regarding long-distance moving to Memphis should be carefully strategizing how the move will be executed. You’re transporting valuables, family heirlooms, furniture, and more over hundreds or even thousands of miles, so you must do your best to make sure all goes well. You can use a spreadsheet to start, but if you have too much to move, you can always hire our Memphis long-distance movers.

Planning a long-distance move can be stressful and time-consuming, but once you call our Memphis long-distance movers, they will be more than happy to take the monotonous task off your hands. Our full-service movers are specially trained in driving over hundreds of miles to make sure your valuables arrive damage-free.


Invest in Moving Insurance

When properly boxing your valuables for the long-haul, the last thing you’d expect is for them to become scratched and dented during the move. Your belongings are prone to damage the more miles you travel. Even though moving is deemed a high-risk industry, more than 80% of all moves have no filed claims.[1] Don’t be part of the 80%. Our cheap movers in Memphis, TN offer an array of affordable moving insurance policies that best fit your relocation needs.


Keep Anything Important on Your Person

When long-distance moving to Memphis, our Tennessee movers strongly suggest keeping valuable items on your person instead of packing them away. This can include important documents like birth certificates, passports, and social security cards.  If you’re starting a new job in Memphis, having immediate access to these documents will make the onboarding process go smoothly.

Along with keeping important documents on your person, prepare an overnight bag with extra clothes, toiletries, and charging cables for smartphones to help maintain your sanity on the road.


Worry-Free Long-Distance Moving to Memphis with the Experts

If you have an upcoming long-distance move to Memphis, give our Tennessee movers a call. We have the expertise to make sure all your belongings and furniture are properly packed while arriving at the new home on time. With over twenty years in the relocation industry under our belt, our Memphis movers guarantee your upcoming move will go efficiently while providing outstanding customer care. Don’t delay, call 901-440-0921 today for your free, no-obligation quote. Happy long-distance moving!




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