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Before Your Remodel Your Kitchen: Things to Know

One of the most common remodeling projects for homeowners is an overhaul of the kitchen. Are you considering a kitchen remodel? Before you get to gutting the existing kitchen, the Memphis local movers have a few key things for you to think about to help you get a better understanding of what you want and what you expect. Read on and think carefully and honestly about the following thoughts:

How much do you want to change? Is it a new sink you want, or a sink plus cabinets, countertops, and more? Know what all you want done before you try and reconfigure the kitchen in its entirety.

Consider a variety of outcomes. Do you want an open floor kitchen for entertaining? A larger cooking space for your gourmet skills? Consider what you are unhappy with now and what changes would remedy this.

Do you want to handle some of the job yourself, or have a professional do the whole job in its entirety? If you want a professional to handle it, get a realistic timeline for when they plan to complete the tasks.

Set a budget. With home projects, it is best to set a budget and prepare for the unexpected. Aside from materials and labor, you need to be prepared if something else arises, like say, a water main needs to be shifted or a dishwasher hook up needs to be reinstalled by an electrician. These surprises are generally unknown until the job is underway, meaning you have no choice but to do them in order to continue the work.

Shop around for design firms and remodeling professionals. Like realtors and cars, designers are not one-size-fits-all. By shopping around, you can find the professional who you feel is most in line with your taste and your vision.

Consider the design styles you are drawn to. Browse decorating and remodeling magazines, websites, and watch remodeling programs to see what really goes into the process. A remodel, especially a kitchen remodel, is an invasive project. The more focused your goals are and the more sure you are about what you want, the better. Browse showrooms to get a feel for dimensions and layouts that feel right to you.

Select appliances and cabinets. When you are choosing these parts, consider the size of the space you are working with. Browse models and see what attributes are “must-haves” and what things you can do without. Again, the more you know going into the project, the better!

Good luck on your remodeling and remember—the more your prepare, the better!