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Items Your Moving Service Won’t Pack

There are certain items that All My Sons Memphis movers cannot take in the moving truck, but for good reason. They may seem like normal household items, but they aren’t safe due to their hazardous nature and are generally illegal to transport. Being organized and creating a checklist ahead of time when moving can serve to prevent unexpected surprises such as figuring out what to do with items that can’t go onto the moving truck. Here’s a list of items to dispose of before contracting your All My Sons Memphis packing services.

Hazardous materials

Professional movers and packing services are forbidden from transporting flammable, corrosive or explosive materials. In fact, Federal law requires that freight companies obtain a special “hazardous materials permit,” so that they qualify for moving hazardous materials. This is because these items pose a risk to Memphis movers, as well as the environment. Some of the items considered hazardous are, but not limited to: pesticides, propane tanks, acids, ammonia, motor oil, liquors, paint, aerosol cans, nail polish, nail polish remover, antifreeze, gasoline firearm and ammunition.


Perishable food items should never be taken to a new home if it can be avoided. Moving and packing services will typically include this on their “no transport list” because these items tend to grow mold and attract insects. When moving on your own or contracting a Memphis packing service, it’s best to cook and eat everything in the refrigerator in the weeks prior to the move date. If you can’t dispose of your food items, it may be a good idea to simply give it all away to a friend, family member or neighbor.

Valuables and Sentimental Objects

Items of sentimental value are priceless. All My Sons Memphis packing services offers moving insurance to its customers to cover the costs of accidental damage to items, but the value of a family heirloom can far exceed any dollar amount that is placed on it. It’s always best to pack and transport separately any heirlooms, artwork, family photo albums, souvenirs, or collections.


Pets require more special care than boxes of books and dishware – which is why they receive special moving considerations. If you’re unable to transport your pet yourself, arrange ahead of time for your pets to be moved from a specialized pet service. During a move, pets need to be air conditioned, fed and have access to a place where they can relieve themselves. The same way you wouldn’t stick your children in the back of a moving truck, you should apply the same thought process to your pet - the other member of your family.

Your Memphis movers at All My Sons can offer additional tips for moving. Call us today for a free quote.