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As the day of your move fast approaches, your life is most likely going by in a flurry with several relocation tasks filling up your plate. Such tasks probably include contacting our Memphis movers of All My Sons Moving & Storage to help you move to Memphis and handling any last-minute payments with your new place of residence. However, on the top of your list should be your change of address with various institutions to prevent any delays in mail delivery or service. Our Memphis movers can share important places to notify about your move to Memphis.


Your Local Post Office

This is the most important place to notify about your change of address. Since your local post office is where you receive all your mail, give them a visit to fill out a “change of address” form or go online to change your address on USPS website. Change your address with the post office about a week or two before your moving day to prevent from a delay in mail delivery to the new address. The process of changing your address with USPS allows mail to be forwarded to your new home for up to 12 months, giving you ample time to notify other places of importance about your move to Memphis.


Water, Gas, and Electricity Companies

After you change your address with the local post office, other important places to notify about your change of address are utility companies. No one wants to arrive to their new home with no electricity, gas, or running water after moving to Memphis. Just about two weeks before our Tennessee movers arrive, give your utility companies a call to schedule a service cancellation when you move out the old residence to avoid incurring extra charges. Once you’ve done so, call the appropriate utility companies in Memphis to schedule a service activation to ensure you’ll have electricity, gas, and water turned on when you arrive to the new home.



Sure, you receive all your paychecks via direct deposit instead of snail mail, but how else will you receive other important documents from your employer? If you’re not able to receive pay stubs and tax forms from your job in person, notify them about your change of address so they know where to mail said documents.


Friends & Family

Among all the important places to notify about your move to Memphis, you can’t forget those who hold a special place in your heart! Let your family and friends know about your change of address to make sure they know how to get there through Google Maps, Waze, or other GPS systems. Also, the new address will help them send gifts and other important items to the correct house.


Reliable Moving with All My Sons

When you select our Memphis movers as your first-choice in relocation services, you can expect exceptional customer care and high-quality relocation services you won’t find anywhere else. For four generations, our reliable movers have helped families and businesses move across the country, giving us the know-how to successfully help you move into your new home. Contact our trusted movers today for your free moving quote.