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How to Unpack Effectively- Tips From All My Sons Moving of Memphis

The moving day has come and gone. You’ve managed to take everything you own and transport it to your new home. However, to make your new home feel truly like a home, you need to unpack your belongings and arrange everything in its rightful place. After all, it’s not until you have finished unpacking that you have officially moved in. Not to worry – the Memphis moving and packing services at All My Sons has you covered.

To plan effectively, you need a starting point. Where do you begin? How do you unpack? You’ll need to determine which rooms are most important to tackle first. What items will you need with you as you unpack your items and place them into their respective rooms? Check out these tips to learn how to unpack the right way and get organized the way Memphis movers do.


The kitchen should be the first room to turn your attention towards. Not only will this area be the room most often utilized immediately, it’s also considered to be one of the most complicated rooms to unpack. If you’ve hired full Memphis moving and packing services, you won’t need to be concerned with this as they will have unpacking included in the contract. If you’re unpacking your kitchen yourself, begin moving all your dishware, canned goods and appliances in as soon as possible. Afterwards you’ll want to move to your next important step. 


After completing the kitchen, turn your attention to the bedroom. It’s unlikely that you’ve managed to unpack much more than the essentials box on the same day your Memphis movers transported your belongings to your new home. Therefore, it’s probable that you didn’t sleep as comfortably as you would have liked on night one. For that reason, assembling your bedroom furniture should be done immediately after you’ve unpacked the kitchen. You’ll then be able to visualize where you want to put the remainder of your bedroom items and it will give you an idea of the amount of space you have.


Bathrooms are essential areas to focus on as well, however most bathrooms won’t be overly complex to unpack compared to other rooms. Your Memphis movers and packing service professionals will have packed all your previous bathroom’s contents into one box, making it easier for you to set up your new bathroom for use.

Family Room/Den/Basement

This, along with any other rooms, can be left for last on your unpacking list. These rooms aren’t essential spaces to unpack right away. They are more for settling in and decorating to your desired taste. To begin unpacking these rooms, arrange larger items, like furniture in the locations you prefer. Afterwards you can set up any electronic equipment such as televisions, stereo systems, computers, etc. Upon getting these rooms established, you’ll finally be able to relax and enjoy your move to your new home.  

Rely on All My Sons Memphis moving and packing services to get your move done, from start to finish.