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How to Reduce Your Load When Moving Out

In the weeks leading up to your moving day, you’re most likely wrapping up important tasks such as notifying your primary doctor of your move and updating your driver’s license. Among the flurry of anticipation about your move to Memphis, you stop and take a look at how much stuff you have to move and get a sinking feeling. Moving with a lot of belongings is no joke; it can be time-consuming and expensive when you have purchase more packing supplies. Not to worry, our Memphis movers can show you helpful tips on how to reduce your load when moving out.

Moving Packing Checklist

Before you purchase our Memphis packing services so our Tennessee movers can safely and securely pack your valuables, take an inventory of all the items you would to move to Memphis. This would be a good time to reassess everything you own and figure out if they are worth keeping. Determine which items you’ll be discarding and then think of what you’re going to do with them.

The amount of time it will take to reduce the quantity of your belongings depends on how much stuff you own and the size of your home. Nevertheless, planning ahead will give you a mental picture of what items you need to discard or donate and which ones you actually need to pack for the move.

Sorting Out the Clutter

Now that you’ve taken inventory to help you reduce your load when moving out, our Memphis movers suggest sorting all your unwanted items into three separate piles:

Donation Pile

Organize the items you are donating into categories such as, but not limited to, furniture, clothing, décor, books, electronics, or kitchen items. Places such as animal shelters, libraries, community centers, and schools will usually have a need for your unwanted items. You also have the option of donating to charities like the Salvation Army, Goodwill, and Habitat for Humanity. Consider charities that have a more specific goal, such as Dress for Success, who aim to provide professional attire, among countless other services and resources, in order to empower women to be more economically independent.1

Recycle Pile

Of course, paper, glass, and plastics are the obvious items that should be included in this pile. Yet, for items such as batteries, electronics, appliances, and even crayons, you’ll have to properly recycle them to the right place. Visit Earth911 to learn more on how to recycle non-recyclable materials.2 In addition, though donating clothes to charities is a good option for new or gently-used clothing, sometimes these charities are inundated with clothes or your clothes are too far used and end up being thrown away. A better alternative is to take them to a textile recycling program, such as I:CO,3 who has partnered with H&M to close the loop in the fashion industry by creating new textiles with your old clothes.

Trash Pile

When you’re not able to repurpose or recycle your unwanted items, just throw it away. Though, not the best idea, if you donate and recycle as much as you can, throwing away unwanted items should not have much impact on the landfill.

Temporary Storage

Once you’ve sorted through your valuables, you may come across some items you just can’t bring yourself to part with. Consider temporary storage for these items. Ask a friend to take these unwanted items off your hands or opt for our Memphis storage services if you need to lighten your load for your move to Memphis.

Moving to Memphis is Easy with Our Tennessee Movers

While you’re planning out your move to Memphis, include our Tennessee movers in your relocation plans to make your transition into your new home hassle-free and on-schedule. We provide high-quality relocation services you can’t find anywhere else. Contact us today for your free, no-obligation moving quote.



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2. Earth 911 – Have something to recycle? Find out how and where!

3. I:CO – Rethink, Reuse, Recycle, Renew