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How to Help Children Cope with Moving

In the weeks leading up to the day you must move to Memphis, you’re most likely wrapping up important relocation tasks such as scheduling with your moving day with our Memphis movers and changing your address with the utility companies. This can lead to feeling overwhelmed – moving is the third most stressful life event after death and divorce. Others who may feel stressed about the move are young children, given that it’s a major change to their environment.  When you’re moving with children, it’s crucial to take note of their moving anxiety and how to help them cope. However, our Tennessee movers can share tips on how to help children cope with moving.

Before Moving Day

To help children cope with moving anxiety before your move to Memphis, plan out a day of fun with the kids since this will keep them optimistic for the move. Create a list of venues the kids will enjoy such as arcades, amusement parks, and ice cream parlors. By doing this, you’ll help reduce your children’s moving anxiety.

Have the kids pick out decorations and a paint color for their new room to make them optimistic about moving to Memphis. You can do this by going online shopping with the little ones and selecting new furniture and decorations they would like in the new house. This way, they’ll not only have something else to look forward to besides a fun day out, but they’ll also feel important enough to be involved in the process, they’ll get a better sense that you are taking their feelings into consideration.

On Moving Day

When your moving day finally arrives, it’s important to pay careful attention to your child’s behavior regarding moving anxiety. Start helping them cope by introducing them to our friendly Memphis movers who understand the moving anxiety your children may experience. The introduction will help the children see our Tennessee movers less as strangers and more as friends helping them move!

After the introduction, designate an area of the house for the children to stay while our trusted movers pack your items and load them on the truck as part of our Memphis packing services. Keep the kids busy by giving them a box or tote bag full of their prized possessions like their favorite toys, coloring books, picture books, and a mobile tablet to watch their favorite movies or TV shows. The distractions on moving day will keep them preoccupied and help further reduce their risk of moving anxiety.

After Moving Day

Once you’ve had an effortless move to Memphis with our Tennessee movers, act on the plans you made with the little ones for a fun day out. Stop by popular local playgrounds for them to have fun with the children who already live in Memphis or take them to a children’s museum to feed their brains.  As soon as you’ve fulfilled the day of fun for the kids, introduce them to neighbors to help them become familiar with the neighborhood. Who knows, the neighbors may have little ones of their own for your children to befriend.

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