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How to Be a Good Neighbor During Your Move

How to Be a Good Neighbor When Moving

Moving is usually a task that causes us to focus on ourselves and not worry about who we may be disrupting in the process. If you’re preparing for a move, remember that your neighbors share your apartment building or neighborhood with you and can be affected by your moving process too! Our local Memphis movers teach you how to be a good neighbor during your move.


1. Try to schedule your move during the week.
Moving over the weekend is always preferred for those who work during the week because it doesn’t require taking time off from work and you’re more likely to have help from friends who are off on the weekend too. However, moving during the week while most of your neighbors may be at work will make the moving experience pleasant for everyone. The moving truck will have more space to park, and you won’t have to worry about your things being in other people’s way – like having your couch take up a whole sidewalk while you load up – or how to be a good neighbor during your move, because you’ve already thought ahead.

2. Let your neighbors know you’re planning to move
Our residential Memphis movers recommend giving your neighbors a heads up about your plans to move as a courtesy. You should notify not only your immediate neighbors but also anyone who lives on your street in case they are also planning to move on the same day or are planning a large block party. Coordinating with everyone around you allows for a successful and stress-less move and allows you to plan out your goodbyes to those you were closest to.

3. Make sure to get permission for your move
Though you don’t need permission to move out of your old home, if you live in a building or community, you do need to make sure that it’s okay to have a large commercial vehicle on the property during certain hours. Moving trucks also take up a large amount of space, so you will want to make sure it’s okay to bring your moving van through any residential neighborhoods or gates and avoid blocking others from getting by. Apartment buildings or condos may also require permission to use the elevator or a larger service elevator to haul your furniture and boxes out of the unit.

4. Make sure your movers are respectful of your neighborhood
It’s easy for people to become comfortable in their day to day interactions with coworkers and forget that they’re on the job. If your movers are getting a little too loud, our Memphis movers recommend kindly asking them to lower their voices out of respect to your neighbors around you. This is the perfect way to be a good neighbor during your move.

5. Don’t forget to say bye!
If you’re moving on your own and don’t need to worry about movers or moving trucks but you’re still wondering how you can be a good neighbor during your move, the answer is simple. Say goodbye to your neighbors, even if you didn’t always talk to them. Say goodbye to your neighbors the week before your move so that you’re not rushing your goodbyes the day of your move.


The professional movers of All My Sons Moving & Storage can help you with the heavy lifting during your move to Memphis. We know how to be a good neighbor during your move and will make sure that your neighbors also have a positive moving experience with us! Contact us today to schedule your next move.