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How to Organize the Bathroom in Your Memphis Home

Once you have moved into your new home, Memphis movers have some quick tips that will help save you time and space when unpacking and organizing your bathroom. By following these easy steps, it will be easier to find necessities (especially when you are in a hurry) and also keep your bathroom clutter-free and beautiful.

Pitch any old, outdated items – Food is not the only thing that goes bad after a certain period of time. Most products have a “period after opening” label, so make sure to look for that expiration date and examine your products for discoloration or foul smell. Same goes for any medications or prescription drugs- properly dispose of anything that is expired.

Use your medicine cabinet for everyday items – The use of a medicine cabinet solely for medicine, is an outdated concept. While unpacking from your move to Memphis, place items that you use every day such as grooming tools, beauty supplies and items used for hygiene in your medicine cabinet. By doing this, you are placing all items that you use on a regular basis in a single area within arm’s reach and minimizing your time spent in the bathroom. (Additional Tip: Moisture can ruin medications, so consider moving them to a cupboard in the kitchen where dry conditions are present.)

Use a small utensil tray to organize makeup – If you have numerous items in your makeup collection, Memphis movers recommends separating them in a utensil tray, like the one you use for your silverware in your kitchen. Use each section of the tray to categorize your makeup: one for makeup brushes, another for eye shadows, and so on and so forth. Categorizing your makeup this way will help keep your drawer or counter space neat and also save you time when flying out the door in the morning.

Manage hair product chaos – With all the different hair styling products available, the clutter of bottles and tubes can become overwhelming on your counter. Use a tub that fits under your sink and place all of your hair products in it. The tub will be easy enough to slide in and out from under you sink whenever you want to style your hair with a product.

Add towel hooks to your bathroom walls – If your single towel rack isn’t sufficient enough for the amount of people bathing in your bathroom, Memphis movers suggests adding towel hooks. Towel hooks are inexpensive and easy to mount on your bathroom walls. This will keep everyone’s towels organized in your new Memphis home and off the bathroom floor.

Use Apothecary Jars or Vases to display certain items – Products such as cotton swabs, cotton balls and mouth wash are particular items that look great in unique glass containers. Place these jars and containers on your counter to encourage use and free up space in your drawers and cabinets.

Store toilet paper in a decorative manner in plain sight – Once you’ve moved to Memphis and are unpacking your bathroom items, use a decorative basket or bin to store toilet paper in and leave it in plain view. This will free up space in your cabinet or closet and cross off the possibility of running out of toilet paper.