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Help Your Movers Out - Things to Do During a Move

Here at All My Sons Moving & Storage, moving is what we do. We love it, it is something we have grown to master over the four generations that has turned AMS into what it is today. As professional movers, we always encounter families who want to lend a hand, but are not sure how they can help and move the process along more efficiently for everyone involved. With that, we would like to help you, help us, as we discuss how you can help your Memphis movers provide exceptional packing services on moving day.


Plugs, Cords & Appliances

When moving day arrives, everything must go. Unless you want to leave it behind, unplug everything. Your Memphis movers will appreciate the help and the time they save from having to unplug each appliance when they are ready to move it. Safely wrap up cords as well. If you can do everything you can to avoid an accident from occurring, do it. Your movers will appreciate you for it and your move will get completed much faster, saving your movers time and, ultimately, you money.


Strip Your Walls

Believe it or not, your movers will be ecstatic when they see bare walls and all your paintings are in one place. Think about it, how much time is wasted walking around the entire house, stripping each wall and walking paintings to a designated place. However, the Memphis movers at All My Sons are also not asking you to complete this task all at once. Strip your walls over the course of a few weeks to make it easier. This little effort every now and then will save a crazy amount of time on moving day. Or, if you are feeling ambitious, tackle it in a weekend.


Do Not Touch

We’re movers, not aliens, we have feelings too. Unfortunately, there are customers who are on close watch when our movers arrive and are constantly telling our movers what not to touch or move. If there is anything you can do to make the process easier for everyone, it’s marking or designated items or a pile of items as “DO NOT TOUCH” before the movers arrive. Movers will avoid those specific things at all costs, they won’t waste time picking up and having to put back items, you won’t have to follow them around your house, and that alone will make your Memphis movers happy.


Have a Plan

You are moving into YOUR new house; prepare a plan that everyone can follow. Where will furniture be placed? Where would you like clothing to go? Would you like to keep decorations designated to one area? These questions should have answers ready for them far before the Memphis movers are ready to unload the truck.


One of the most important aspects of moving is having a plan for your movers. The more information you lay out for your Memphis movers, the more efficient they will be during the process. Call us today and speak with a certified moving consultant about a hassle-free quote and top-notch packing services in Memphis for your next move.