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Free Murder Mystery Games

Are you planning a safe and socially-distanced Halloween this year? With the coronavirus still lingering, most people will be skipping the tricks, treats, and costumes to stay indoors. That doesn’t mean Halloween is over or cancelled to our Memphis movers. We know that celebrating the spooky season can still get underway with a themed game night. Everyone knows game nights are always fun and when they have a theme, they are even better. If you are planning to spend this Halloween indoors, our Memphis movers have a list of murder mystery games free for you and your friends to enjoy!


Games to Play When Hosting a Murder Mystery Party

Who doesn’t love a good theme? This Halloween, our local Memphis movers encourage you to gather with your immediate family or a few friends to have a mystery filled night with these murder mystery games. These games are perfect for small groups and are sure to be a hit.

Sour Grapes of Wrath

For a complete party idea, Sour Grapes of Wrath has everything you will need to get the game going. Even invitations to send to your guests! This free murder mystery game comes with instructions for planning, costume ideas, name tags, secret clues, maps, accusation sheets, suspect files, and the rules and key to winning the game. All you must do is enjoy!

The Little Engine that Could Kill

This murder mystery game is great for a maximum of 8 players, whose job is to find out who committed a murder on the express train from India to Portugal. All players will have an in-depth profile of each character aboard the train who could be a suspect, so you can pair off into teams or work against each other for some friendly competition.

Way Out West

Way Out West is a murder mystery game complete with everything players will need to begin solving a crime. There are characters, scripts and clues provided to players with a free subscription to a newsletter.

Jazz Age Jeopardy

Set in the 1920’s Jazz era, this murder mystery game takes place at a jazz club in New York and can be played by up to 15 people. Download the free PDF file that features instructions, a guidebook, character sheets, clues, and voting sheets to get started on solving a classic whodunit this Halloween.

Mafia Party Game

This murder mystery game is also perfect for small gatherings. Take on the role of a detective and try to solve the murder of the innocent person who got slain by a mafioso. Then, work together with your fellow players to eliminate other mafia members you think didn’t commit the murder.


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