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Four Simple Moving Hacks for Designing Your Living Room

For those who have been packing all of their belongings up and using Memphis movers to get settled into their new home, there are a number of issues that could be stressing you out. After moving into your new home, you might find yourself lacking inspiration regarding how to design your home’s focal point – the living room.

Since the living room is the one room that families spend the most time in, even the most organized person can become overwhelmed with the seemingly endless amount of options available for decorating and organizing the room. After all, even the smallest eyesore can ruin the entire look of your living room.

In order to avoid living room arranging mishaps, use these four simple moving hacks from All My Sons of Memphis, for designing your living room:

Coffee Table

Why not have your coffee table work for you instead of against you? Opt for a coffee table with drawers or a cubby space, so that you can hide extra clutter that you do not need to use all the time. If you have extra furniture that you do not know what to do with once your Memphis moving company has finished moving you in, then why not get creative? Take an unused dresser and stain it to match the décor of the rest of your living room. Just top it with a coffee table book and a vase of flowers, and voila - you have yourself a new coffee table!

Remote Control

Have you already lost your TV remote control, even though All My Sons Moving & Storage just finished unpacking everything? Gone are the days of having to hunt down your remote every time you want to watch your favorite TV show. Sold in most home stores, invest in a pillow with pockets and never have to wonder where your TV remote is again!

Focal Point

Choose one focal point as the center of your room and arrange everything around it. It will bring the whole room together and make it feel much more organized. Do this by having your Memphis movers place one piece of furniture off the wall - for an unexpected twist that grabs your attention in all the right ways. If you are rearranging furniture, Memphis movers suggest placing ice cubes in the indents left in the floor for 12 hours in order to smooth it out again.

Game Night

Does your family love playing board games? Avoid making a mess by investing in a coffee table made out of board games – just turn the coffee table over to whichever game you want to play that night! Make sure to keep game pieces all together by placing them in individual Ziploc bags and storing them in a nearby container.