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An Eco-Friendly Move

Moving is costly for your wallet and the earth. The average family uses about 60 boxes for a move, not to mention tape, bubble wrap, and packing peanuts, and most people just throw it all in the garbage. If you are trying to have an eco-friendly move, your Memphis moving company would love to give you some tips.

Packing Materials

Packing materials typically end up as a lot of waste after a move is complete. Try using alternatives for your eco-friendly move. Buying brand new boxes is not your greenest option. You should look for used ones, since the typical box can stand three to 10 moves, depending on what they are holding each time. Ask any friends who have recently moved, your grocery store, or any store that would constantly receive large shipments of goods. You may have to go to several stores over the course of several days, but Mother Earth will thank you!

When we move, we use more than just boxes, and those packing materials can really add up. Try packing popcorn alternatives…like real air-popped popcorn! This is a great alternative since it does not produce any waste (you can give it to birds or compost it).

If using real popcorn does not sound like your thing, you can use bioplastic packing peanuts. These are typically green and made from renewable sources, so they are much more eco-friendly. You can also use towels and sweaters you already own to wrap glass and other fragile items, which kills two birds with one stone! If you are in need of a bubble wrap alternative, try Geami wrap. It is made from recycled-paper and its manufacture makes sustainable and green products.

Donate or Sell It

Packing is the perfect time to get rid of stuff that you no longer want or use. Most people will give the good stuff to family, friends and charities, and end up throwing away the rest. For an eco-friendly moving experience, try to put in the extra effort to sell or donate your things. Have a garage sale to lighten your load. Take clothing to a place like Plato’s Closet that will pay you for your things (be warned: they can be selective). You can also take your books, CDs, and DVDs to a used bookstore to earn some extra cash. And when all else fails, post some of your stuff on Craiglist. You never know what other people are looking for.

Create New Green Habits

Once you are moved in and you have tried your best to have an eco-friendly-move, give yourself a pat on the back! But don’t relax just yet, because you should also try to create some green habits in your new home.  

Start off with easy things like unplugging electronics when you are not using them, switching to compact fluorescent lights, and recycling. After you master recycling, try composting your food scraps. There are plenty of compost bins on the market to make this a seamless change. And if you are upgrading your appliances in your new home, opt for Energy Star-rated units.

Although moving can be wasteful, you should be proud that you’re taking the initiative to have an eco-friendly move. When individuals act responsibly, it has a big effect on the Memphis community and the overall environment.