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Tips for Buying a Couch

Selecting and ultimately buying a couch are important processes in decorating your home. Do you know what to look for when selecting a couch for your new home? Here at the Memphis movers we want to share some expert tips on the couch selection process and help you find the piece that is just right for you. These are the things you should look for in your potential new piece of furniture:

Dimensions. The ideal dimensions to look for when selecting a couch are as follows: 40” deep, 60” long, and a 19” seat height. Scroll arms or square arms are totally based on your individual taste and preference.

Length. Lay down on the couch to test out taking a nap. If you want a couch that’s long enough to take a nap, you should look toward a longer couch, like around 90” in length to ensure the sleeper can stretch out without feeling cramped.

Sectional couches. Sectionals can be overwhelming in their cumbersome size, so you want to make sure the fabric that covers it is tight rather than fluffy and bulky—it will come across as too much for a standard living room. The back should also be no larger than 32” otherwise it will truly take over the room.

Seat cushions. If you plan to use the couch for entertaining, opt for three couch cushions rather than two. Even though the couch is the same length, people are deterred from cramming onto one larger couch cushion, and three people are unlikely to sit down on two cushions. If the couch is under six feet long you should opt for one long couch cushion.

Online shopping for couches. If you’d rather shop online than in store, you need to know the measurements you are looking for. Refer to the ideal dimensions we previously recommended for an idea on what to look for online.

Pattern. Steer clear of large patterns on a sofa. Instead, opt to buy a solid color sofa and play with trendy prints and colors via throw pillows that can easily be rotated and updated.

Add a sofa skirt or not? If you are going to have a more traditional couch with a skirt, opt to use a dark fabric so that scuffs or debris from shoes is not visible on it like a lighter skirt would show.

A note for apartment/high rise/condo dwellers: The sofa should never be longer than the ceiling height of your elevator! Measure three times to be sure what will fit inside the elevator to move into your apartment.