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Common Costs Associated with Professional Packers


If asked the question, “Who enjoys packing up a large home for a move?” you won’t find many hands shooting up in response. There’s a very good reason for that. Packing even a small two-bedroom apartment can seem like an overwhelming task. The idea of purchasing packing supplies and prepping a large family home is a much more significantly challenging endeavor.

Regardless of what size home you’re moving, there are many factors to consider. In addition to figuring out the amount of packing supplies needed and the moving date, one must determine whether they should opt for professional Memphis Movers.


What are the Costs of Professional Memphis Movers?


Professional moving services may or may not fit into your moving budget. There are various factors to take into consideration. What’s the size of your current residence? Is it a single person one-bedroom apartment? A large family’s five-bedroom house? Size matters in this case. The amount and type of furniture you possess will make a difference as well. There are specific packing supplies that will be needed for each move and your possessions will have an impact the cost of your Memphis movers’ fees.

Furniture for example, needs to be wrapped in plastic and padded so that it is protected from dents and scratches. Flat screen televisions can be packed inside of their original boxes, otherwise Memphis movers will use a specialty packing product called a “flat screen TV box.”   

The type of move you’re planning will largely impact your moving bill. A local move (moving within a few miles) will cost significantly less than a long-distance move. Long distance moves are generally categorized by distances exceeding 100 miles. During your initial call to a moving company in Memphis, you’ll provide them with an inventory list, your current address, and among other items, your new home address. They will then provide you with a moving “estimate,” which will surely change upon an inspection of your belongings. Movers will then charge you a set price based on the distance and estimated weight of items being transported. 


Other Factors Involved in a Moving Quote


Believe it or not, relocating in the summer may affect your moving costs. This is because the summer seasons (June, July, August) tends to be the most popular time for individuals and families to move. Part of that is attributed to school being out, making it easier for families to relocate their children without interfering in their studies. The fact that most people save their vacation days for the summer plays a role as well. Because of the high demand for professional Memphis movers in these months, costs will likely go up, sometimes as much as 20% higher than the usual rate. It’s always best to hire movers as soon as possible, because waiting until the last minute will force you to expand your moving budget.


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