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Celebrating Valentine’s Day with a Party

With every passing Valentine’s Day, you may be growing sick of the same old thing. Cards, chocolates, over-priced dinners in overly-crowded restaurants. It can old pretty quickly. Many of your friends may be sick of it too. Instead of forcing yourself to make that tiresome reservation, why don’t you have a Valentine’s Day dinner party of your own? Your friends—and your Valentine—will likely thank you. Your Memphis packing and moving company knows just how to throw the best Valentine’s Day party, so let us give you some tips!

The Guest List

Decide if you are going to invite couples only, or if you want it to be a mixed bag. If you decide to invite singles, make sure there are enough people coming solo. You don’t want your single pals to feel awkward being being surrounded by couples on Valentine’s Day. Once that is settled, tell your friends early on. People make dinner reservations a month or so in advanced, so you want to catch them beforehand.

The Decorations

Before you start decorating your Memphis home for the party, pick a theme! Well, of course the theme is Valentine’s Day, but decide on a color scheme. All red? Maybe black and pink? You decide! Once you know, then you can buy table cloths, table settings, napkins, and the like. When decorating table tops, try something fun and festive. Fill a glass votive with conversation hearts before placing the candle inside for a centerpiece. Fill candy dishes with chocolate hearts or pink and red jellybeans, and hang heart streamers from curtain rods. It is also a cute idea to get red and pink helium balloons and let them float to the top of the ceiling. If you are feeling extra cheesy, play love movies in the background.

The Food

Tons of snacks can be cut or folded into a heart shape. Serve little pizzas with heart-shaped pepperonis. Or try making a Caprese salad with heart-shaped mozzarella. How about mini sandwiches or paninis cut with a heart-shaped cookie cutter? Or a fruit salad served in a heart-shaped bowl. For dessert, make heart-shaped Rice Krispy Treats or heart-shaped cookies made with a cookie cutter. You can also dye food items red or pink; like cookies, cakes, and muffins. If you have, or can rent a chocolate fondue fountain, your guests would love dipping fresh fruit in! And don’t forget the drinks! Blackberry rum shrubs, Rose sangria, or traditional cosmopolitans are all great choices for Valentine’s Day. Make sure cranberry juice is readily available, and give your craft cocktails names like “Cupid’s Kiss” or “Love Potion No. 9” And don’t forget the red wine!

This Valentine’s Day does not have to be like all the others! Whether you are single, or you have celebrated this holiday countless times with your significant other, a Valentine’s Day party is such a fun way to shake it up! Your friends will be thankful that they do not have to plan anything, and you will have a great time with them and your Valentine!