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5 Best Places to Hike in Memphis

Being outdoors offers a number of benefits for the body and the mind. Just 30 minutes of cardio a day reduces the risk of a heart attack by more than half! The Memphis movers know that hiking is much more than bonding with nature and that it also has a number of other health benefits.


The Health Benefits of Hiking

• Lowers stress levels

• Improves mood

• Better mental wellbeing

• Lower blood pressure

• Lower cholesterol levels

• Healthier body weight

• Less body fat

• Improved bone density

• Lower chances of osteoporosis

• Exercises and strengthens your core muscles


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5 Great Hiking Locations Around Memphis

1. Meeman-Shelby Forest State Park (Shelby Forest) spans over 13,000 acres and borders the Mississippi River. Four of its trails – Chickasaw Bluff, Woodland, Pioneer Springs, and Horse Trail – increase in elevation so you’ll definitely get a workout. On the horse trail, you will not only meet other hikers but horses as well! Horse Trail is the longest loop in Shelby Forest at 8 miles and it overlooks the 100-acre Poplar Tree Lake. Pioneer Springs and Woodland Trail are the shortest distances Shelby Forest has to offer at 3.5 miles.

2. T.O. Fuller State Park is the only state park in Memphis. There’s so much history within T. O. Fuller State Park. It takes up 1000 acres and was the first state park that was designated for African Americans east of the Mississippi River. You will also find a prehistoric village that was discovered by park workers in 1940. Since then it’s been known as Chucalissa Indian Village. You’ll find preserved artifacts in the museum you can visit on your hike. The Discovery Trail loop is 4 miles long and shows beautiful views of the village and wetlands.

3. Herb Parsons Lake Trail sits on the border of Collierville and Fisherville and is almost 200 acres. The park offers a 6-mile hike around a waterway on the trail. There are also many shady places to stop and rest while hiking if needed.

4. Shelby Farms Park is located in the heart of Shelby County and spans 4,500 acres. There are two unpaved trails in Shelby Farms – Tour de Wolf and Wolf River Trail. Tour de Wolf Trail is 6 miles long and is used by hikers, bikers, and runners. Wolf River Trail runs along the river and is broken up into three individual trails: yellow, white, and blue.

5. Strawberry Plains Audubon Center is located just south of Memphis and offers guided hikes that start at 9am. There are 15 miles of trail and two historical features to discover at Strawberry Plains. Make sure to schedule a visit (by appointment only) to the Davis House and the Antebellum Mansion to learn about the two sisters who made the preservation of the surrounding area possible and relive the past.


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