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Where Is The Best BBQ in Memphis?

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Memphis BBQ restaurants are a proud cornerstone of our city’s community and culture. We are proud to be home to the world’s best BBQ spots! If you are new to Memphis or are a longtime resident who doesn’t know where to get the best BBQ in Memphis, don’t worry! Our movers in Memphis are going to help you out. 

No one knows this city better than our expert movers, and if you are looking for the perfect insider’s guide to the best BBQ places in Memphis, you’re in luck!

A &R Bar-B-Que

If you are looking for a fast meal that still manages to be an example of the top BBQ in Memphis, then you are going to want to check out this local favorite. What makes A&R Bar-B-Que among the best establishments in Memphis is the fact that our signature, delicious style can be enjoyed quickly! With a takeout/fast food approach, you’re guaranteed a delicious meal on the go!

B.B. King’s Blues Club

This spot needs to be placed on the list for one simple reason; it arguably has the best ribs in Memphis. A staple of a good Memphis BBQ is eating delicious ribs that fall right off the bone, and you could count the contenders against this famous Memphis BBQ spot on just one hand. There are many Memphis BBQ places with ribs, but there aren’t many that can say they compete with B.B. King’s Blues Club.


Between excellent ribs and wings, patrons will have to make some tough decisions when they come to this restaurant for the first time. If you’re looking for a homemade sauce that makes the best BBQ in Memphis taste even better, then Ballhoggerz is the spot for you to get your fix! 

Corky’s BBQ

Although Corky’s has locations in multiple states, it’s a product of the Memphis BBQ scene and style. The far-reaching success of this location is a testament to how good the best BBQ in Memphis can be. The locals know this well, and Corky’s is renowned as a staple of a good Memphis BBQ meal! Do yourself a favor and pop in here for a bite next time you’re in town.

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