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10 Things to Never Buy at a Garage Sale

Who doesn't love a garage sale? The thrill of sifting through items and the chance of happening upon some fantastic vintage piece worth thousands is part of the allure. While garage sales aim to sell items at a bargain, there are some things that aren't worth your time (or your spare change) at a garage sale. Here at the Memphis movers, we want to keep you from accumulating things you don't need--no matter how cheap!

Car seats and helmets. These items are designed with protection in mind, and they are only built to withstand one accident before they need to be replaced. Because of this, purchasing a used protective item puts the wearer in extreme danger. These items are best bought new.

Tires. If they have been in an accident or have been sitting for a long time, their durability and safety is compromised. Don't risk serious accident or injury for a steal.

Wet suits and swimsuits. Though these items are technically safe once they are washed in hot water, they aren't 100 percent. Water pressure and high temperatures also alter the fabrics of these items, making them more prone to tearing.

Mattresses. Bed bugs, mold, bacteria, and body fluids can all be harbored in a used mattress. Steer clear. Ditto for sheets and pillowcases, which might have growths.

Laptops and plasma TVs. Technology changes so quickly that you can get a better device, new, for a bargain price in store. Plus, you'll be getting a warranty along with it.

Baby bottles. Between cracks, sanitation, recalls, and more, there are plenty of reasons to buy brand new bottles for your baby. They are a small and worthy investment to buy NIB.

Cookware. Pots, pans, and more with flaking non-stick coating are an easy way to have chemicals and toxins cooked into your food. Buy new, stainless steel pots and pans.

DVDs, Blu-Rays, CDs. If they are scratched at all, they will not play properly, deeming them worthless.

Upholstered furniture. Bugs, such as fleas, roaches, spiders and more can be living in furniture unbeknownst to you. Unless you plan on stripping the piece and reupholstering, avoid the purchase.

Fragrance or makeup. These items begin to turn bad over time, and buying at a garage sale prevents you from knowing how old something is. Best to purchase these items new at the store or online.