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10 Most Common Moving Terms

When it comes time to move, many families think that simply hiring a moving company will get the job done. However, local Memphis movers have found that the majority of homeowners are unaware of the moving process and the common moving terms and charges that are associated in the process.

All My Sons Moving & Storage Memphis has been moving families and businesses large and small in and out of the Memphis area for over 20 years. With extensive knowledge and expertise in the moving industry, our movers have compiled a list of the 10 most common moving terms that every homeowner should be aware of before diving into the moving process.

Long haul move / Intrastate move / Long distance moving – When moving to Memphis from another state, you may hear your movers say one of these common moving term variations in regards to your out of state move. An intrastate move is one in which a moving company will be required to move your belongings across state lines, which would require them to have a USDOT number registered with the Department of Transportation. A long haul and long distance move is one that is either intrastate or moving roughly 400 miles away or more.  Even if your long haul, long distance move is in-state, you can expect to be charged the same as moving across state lines simply due to the amount of miles and time traveled.  

Short haul move / Interstate move / Local moving – These three moving terms are also relatively the same. Much like the concept of moving long distance, a short haul move is one that is under 300 miles or so. If you are moving to Memphis from another city in Tennessee that is within roughly 150 miles, you may hear your Memphis mover refer to your move as short haul or interstate.

Linehaul Charges – The charge for long distance moves is calculated by mileage and weight of the moving truck with all of your belongings inside. A short haul move may not be charged by weight, but will still be charged a price per mile to cover the cost of fuel (see fuel charge).

Fuel Charge – A fuel “surcharge” is said to be illegal. The cost of gas should already be calculated into your estimate and not be an additional charge, but it would come in the form of price per mile.

Flight Charge / Elevator Carry Charge – If you are moving to or from a residence that requires your movers to travel up flights of stairs or even use an elevator, you will be charged a flight charge or elevator carry charge.  

Full-Service Moving – A full-service moving company is one that will handle your move from start to finish. They will disassemble, wrap, pack, load, transport, unpack, and reassemble all of your furniture and belongings for a door-to-door service that leaves you with little to nothing to do or worry about.

Binding and Non-Binding Estimate – Binding estimates are not as typical as non-binding, as they give an estimate for service that cannot be altered. Non-binding estimates are estimates that may be altered due to hiccups along the way – such as an elevator charge or flight charge that the movers were unaware of until they reached the new residence destination. For the most accurate estimate, it is always best to know these charges and let your mover know of all potential hiccups along the way.

Bill of Lading / Moving Tariff – Every Memphis moving company and moving companies across the United States must give you a copy of the moving tariff. Your moving tariff is the document that outlines the price per pound of your shipment, the legal implications such as company policy, fine print of the bill of lading, and service order. Your bill of lading is basically your receipt, and it will have a detailed inventory list for your move.

USDOT Number – Any company that operates commercial vehicles that either transport passengers or cargo across state lines, must be registered with the FMCSA and have a USDOT Number.

FMCSA – The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is where you can find information on the moving process and your rights and responsibilities during the moving process. Before hiring any long distance Memphis moving company, be sure to go on the FMCSA website and check their licensing and USDOT number.