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The Ultimate Packing Guide for Your Move to McKinney

Let’s face it, moving is no fun and the packing process can be extremely tedious process that takes away so much of your time. For an efficient move, you must prepare in advance and make organization a priority. If you are moving to McKinney, our professional movers from All My Sons Moving & Storage can handle your entire move from start to finish. We have provided you with the ultimate packing guide for your move to McKinney. Don’t wait till the last minute to start the packing process, because you will regret it when moving day creeps up on you.


Before you start to pack, you must prepare in advance if you want an efficient experience. This includes making an inventory list of all your items you will be transporting to your new home. Preparation also includes going through your items and clothing and deciding on which ones you want to keep and which ones you want to toss. The purging process is necessary because it will force you to take the time to clean and get rid of pointless items.

You will also save money in the long run if you have fewer items to pack and move. Now you will need to purchase the proper packing supplies depending on the size of your move. You will need boxes of all different sizes as well as packing tape, bubble wrap, labels, and packing paper. You can purchase these supplies at your local hardware store or from a moving company.

If you decide to hire a moving company to help pack for you, you should do this in advance to allow enough time for the professional movers to come in and pack in an efficient manner. Our McKinney movers understand what goes into a successful move and we can ensure you have a smooth experience when it comes to packing.

Labeling and Managing your Items

Now that you have prepared for the process, it’s time to start packing and we suggest that you go room by room for the most efficient route. You will stay organized if you stick to one room at a time and this will allow you to keep track of everything. Label all boxes with the contents. This is so important because you can become overwhelmed when you arrive to your new home if there are no labels on any of the boxes. Managing your inventory includes writing down all your lists as well as making digital copies for better organization.

You will find that if you follow these tips from above, your packing experience won’t be so dreadful. It’s also best to clean during this process so you can avoid clutter when packing your belongings. The McKinney movers from All My Sons Moving & Storage are here to make sure that your entire move is taken care of from start to finish. For more information on the packing and moving services we offer at All My Sons, contact our moving experts today!