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Saving Money When Hiring a Moving Company

If you decide to hire a professional moving company, there are many perks because they can ultimately handle every task associated with a move of any size. There is so much planning and preparation that goes into a move and a lot of people feel that they can’t handle it by themselves. This could ultimately get expensive, however there are ways to save money when moving even if you are hiring a moving company. The expert McKinney movers from All My Sons Moving & Storage wants to help you not break the bank with these tips on how to save during your next move.


Downsize and Throw Away Items You Don’t Need

One of the biggest ways that you can cut down on moving company costs is by cutting down on the amount of items that your mover will have to move. Most moving companies will weigh their empty truck and then weigh it once it is full of your belongings. The less belongings you have, the less expensive your moving bill will be in the end. We suggest that you get rid of old items that you simply don’t use anymore because they just become clutter in your new home. You also want to get rid of any large items that would not be worth per pound to move, if you can purchase a new one for roughly the same price after you move. It’s important to plan in advance before you just decide to move all your belongings so you can save money along the way.


Don’t Plan a Move During Moving Season

More people move during the months of June and July, most likely because the weather permits and their children are on summer break from school. The majority of people also move by the first of the month, or the last of the month. If you can avoid moving during any of these times, your move will be cheaper and go much more smoothly, rather than rushed. You can benefit from moving during a time when the demand is low. Our McKinney movers are ready to handle a move during any season!


Research to Find the Best Rates

When researching and contacting multiple moving companies to find the best rate for your particular move, don’t forget to tell them the details of your move. This includes the flight of stairs that may be included or if there is an elevator present. Ask about all the costs associated with a move of your size and research the different moving terms so that you are both on the same page.  If you do not tell them how far you are moving, don’t be surprised when you get charged a hefty fuel charge and linehaul charge. Perform thorough research and go with the moving company that you will trust and the one that provides you with the best moving quote.

The McKinney movers from All My Sons Moving & Storage understand how pricey moving can get and we want to help you save money when moving. Contact us today to learn more about our low costs and the services we offer.